Tuesday, April 28, 2009

First Time Roller Skating

We went to a birthday party for a friend at a roller skating rink a few weeks ago. It was the first time either of the boys had been on skates.

Aaron was a bit timid at first, and gave up after a few minutes of being scared.

Steve took him off the rink and went to return the skates. The worker there gave them the plastic kind that attach to his shoes.

Then he was a happy boy and skated to his heart's content.

Even falling down was an adventure for him.

Noah started out timid as well, but found that he was happy to just work his way around holding on the the side.

After he saw one of the second graders in his school skating around, he decided it was time to try to let go. I was so proud of him because every time he fell, he got right back up again.

Of course, he did have a pretty big spill in the party room, but after a little bit of TLC, he was willing to go back out and try it again.

Definitely an activity that we will do again.

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