Thursday, July 31, 2008

New Favorite Product On The Market

I am not being paid for this entry. Nor did I receive a free sample to test it, as so many others are getting lucky to do.

I am however, telling you that I paid full price for a hygiene item I saw advertised, just because I wanted to see if it worked. I guess Listerine made a product similar but it got recalled. The one we have is by Orajel Kids. It even has Scooby Doo on the one Noah's favorites at the moment. It is a product that helps kids to brush their teeth more effectively.

I was lax in getting Noah to learn to brush his teeth the right way. I let him use the toddler, safe to swallow, toothpaste until he turned six a few weeks ago. I know it was wrong, but it was just easier.

So he finally learned how to spit.

Then I saw this in my Parents magazine. What a great idea. So I showed it to Noah and he was so excited. I was planing to wait for it to go on sale, but I decided to go ahead and try it.

Noah literally RAN inside at 3:00 in the afternoon to brush his teeth and try it.

First he swished it around in his mouth for 30 seconds

Then he had to see what his blue mouth looked like

Then came the regular brushing (and spitting)

Notice Aaron standing by watching...he's still too young

And after a few checks, all clean.

The kid is BEGGING to brush his teeth at least three times a day. I am absolutely willing to feed this fetish for awhile. I figure by the time the novelty wears off, he will be an expert at teeth brushing and have established the twice a day habit that I have been lacking in from the day they were born.

A lot to gain from $4.99.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Thursday Thirteen: Minnie Takes Over

Today, my blog has been commandeered by Minnie, our two year old Tabby...She is quite angry about the addition of our kitten, Pumpkin, to our home. I will not be held responsible for the following content...

Well, let's see. It's been almost a week now since that little intruder came to MY house. I don't know if that little ball of fur is staying, but he sure does get a lot of attention. But I'm not standing idly by. I have had a few thoughts as I wait for the alien to go away.

1. I won the first showdown while th
e alien was still caged

2. I'm going to use HIS litter

3. I'm going to steal HIS toy th
at mommy bought for him

4. I am going to hide downstairs and pout, even when Daddy comes down to pet me

5. I wonder how long until the alien leaves
...what if he never does?

6. Just because I don't like to snuggle with Mommy, doesn't mean that the alien can.

7. I'm going to eat his food

8. Why does he keep playing with people toys

9. I wonder if he misses his brothers, sisters and mommy

10. He really is cute. Do you suppose I am experiencing the loss of childhood, watching this silly thing play around?

11. M
aybe if I'm nicer, Noah will pet me too.

12. Why does he keep trying to get near me, like I'm going to be his friend. He got all the way to touching my paws today before I hissed at him. Maybe I'm getting more tolerant...nah!

13. Why did they bring him home? Don't they love me anymore?

P.S. Mommy requests any suggestions for how to make me get along with my new baby brother. I guess I would like that, too.

Monday, July 28, 2008

And Baby Makes Six...The First Day Home

Most of you who read my blog, also read Deb Mom of 3 Girls. And if you visit Deb regularly, you know that her cat Snuggly had kittens about 6 weeks ago. They have had to face the early passing of one of them and are now ready to send the rest of them on their way (except the one that EVERYONE is saying "I told you so" about).

So, yesterday, Noah picked up his brand new kitty, Pumpkin. Pumpkin was named in honor of the passing of a bloggy friend's kitty of that name.

The jury is still out as to whether Pumpkin remains part of our family or not. Minnie, our two year old cat, doesn't seem to enjoy having her territory trampled on, and my allergies don't seem to agree with our new little family member.

However, this baby is SO SWEET! He actually likes to snuggle with me, unlike Minnie.

The boys have been so good with him. Noah carried him out to the car,

talked to him all the way home,

petted him so long that she fell asleep,

and then he covered him with a blanket.

Aaron likes to kiss him,

sleep like him,

and even read him a story. Notice him showing the pictures to the kitten.

And boy does this kitty love to sleep in silly positions.

We had one scary moment when we thought he was lost, but Daddy found him under the recliner part of the sofa.

Like I said, I am still undecided about whether Pumpkin stays. If it were up to me, I am totally in love with this little guy. But allergies and an established cat are big factors. The problem is, now that I am in love with the baby, I can't just give him up to anyone...I want him to go to a good home. That must be the struggle that Deb is feeling as well.

I'll keep you updated as we progress.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Bloggy Carnival

I finally learned how to put on a button. The newest Bloggy Carnival is starting on Monday. I feel the need to express my opinion on this extremely fun event.

Bloggy Giveaways Quarterly Carnival Button

I think the bloggy carnival is a fun way to increase traffic to your blog, and see what other ideas people have for their blog.

However, I am taking a stand.

I was a new blogger two carnivals ago and that one and the most recent one in April, I was a mad woman. I entered more than 700 contests and guess what I won? NADA! Not a thing. The carnival took away from my time with my family because I was busy entering contests when I should have been playing with my husband and kids.

So here's my take one things.

I think that if you're so inclined, enter to your heart's content. You can even use the button above if you like.

But I will only be entering the contests of those already in my reader. I feel that I am truly being more genuine that way. And that way if I win, it will be from one of the wonderful people I have already come to know in the blogosphere.

I would love to hear your opinion on the bloggy carnival and if you too have lived the frustration of spending precious HOURS entering, only to win NOTHING.

Have a fun time and if you win something, let me know. I will live vicariously through you.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

How Precious Is This?

There's finally a picture of Grandma and Grandpa with All 11 Grand kids. My two are Noah on the top right with his arms on Grandpa's shoulder and Aaron in the striped tank top in the front.

Getting the picture was quite another story. The first attempt was trying to put them all on the slide in the park...just wasn't gonna happen. Then, when the kids settled onto the table, a little girl (of course, a girl) that Noah had made friends with had slipped into the side with her dog and we caught her in the nick of time.

Something I learned for Steve's family at the first Christmas gathering I ever went to, the reward of a good family photo is always the opportunity to follow it with a silly one. So here it is:

Thank you to Jenny for sending these to me. I had forgotten the memory card for my camera. Imagine me without my camera...not a pretty sight!

More Awards

I was blessed with two awards this week.

The first one I was kind of embarrassed for. I was honored to receive this award from Melissa at Life With Two this week. The reason I was embarrassed is because the day I received it, I had written a downer of a post. I try not to do them too often andI thank Melissa for seeing past that and still bestowing it upon me.

I would like to pass it on Jennifer at Sons are a Heritage from the Lord, because she shared a beautiful picture of her new baby girl last week and it made me smile. It is fun to imagine her with pick in her house after having three boys. It is going to be fun to see what her blog name will be changed to.

I also received this award from Chris at Dad of Divas. Chris is an old friends that we don;t see very much an dI enjoy watching his two girls grow up through pictures on his blog.

I will pass this one on to Shannon at Gabi's World for making it through six weeks withoout her daughter and her wonderful job of conveying the journey with her blog.

Have a great weekend everyone.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Photo Story Friday: Mud

I love being the mother of boys. I know many girls love to get dirty and some boys do not.


I do believe that the norm is to enjoy getting icky, squishy, ooey, gooey.

And my boys are absolutely no exception.

All summer, I have sent the boys outside in the afternoon to play. And often, they come back ten minutes later saying they're bored, or they are fighting so hard that I end having to bring them in.

Which is why yesterday's "festivities" were allowed to continue further than I would have otherwise allowed.

We had a wonderful little pool this summer. The boys have loved jumping into it, putting the slide in it, and any other creative outlet to play in the water.

Until they discovered our neighbors' above ground pool and started going there instead. Now the pool no longer holds the interest it did a month ago. So, it has been sitting in our backyard collecting rain water, periodically getting dumped each time Steve mows the lawn.

The boys, however, have discovered a new use.

The water is a WONDERFUL resource to make MUD.

Apparently, the best place for this mud is a hole under the swing. The hole seems to be growing, allowing for the making of even more mud.

This mud apparently feels like a "blanket" to Aaron and the boys can't seem to get enough.

And when the mud gets to the right consistency, apparently you can make a VOLCANO by placing a tire pump into the swamp and pumping water, making the "lava" fly everywhere!

After awhile, the mud that has been flown travels to the neighbor's driveway. At that time, Aaron has devised a way to clean it up while still having fun with the squishy balls we made a few weeks ago.

It's not very surprising that now the boys are BEGGING to go outside.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

So Why Bother...

you may ask about VBS?

How about 140 kids all begging to go onto a stage to sing praises to God?

How about the big water slide after the closing ceremony Thursday night. Aaron going up while Noah comes down.

How about the joy of watching Daddy be the ONLY adult that goes down the slide with Aaron

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Thursday Thirteen #10 VBS (again)

I know you're sick of these already, but VBS really does take over our lives. I have gotten absolutely nothing done around the house all week, and I'm really not even that upset (however, Steve is getting a little annoyed, I think). Even though there is that issue from yesterday, I didn't let it cloud the fun today. And it has been fun. Usually, I am grumpy by Wednesday, but for some reason, this year, I am looking forward to tomorrow.

Here are my 13 far...there's still one more day and the ice cream social/water slide tomorrow night.

1. Our youth leaders have been wonderful, as usual. They really are so much fun to work with and I think without them, there would be much less energy during the music times.

2. Noah's behavior has been OUTSTANDING in general. He smiles every time he sees me.

3. Aaron has gotten to be part of a class this year and loved the pretend fire.

Aaron is the blondie in the navy shirt

Everyone did crafts

Aaron made a hat, and actually WORE it


Noah made a journal


Aaron made a flower pot

Lots of games


Noah catches a ball


Noah passes water

And LOTS AND LOTS of dancing


Hannah, Noah, and Aaron


Please disregard Noah's pudding stained shirt. Apparently, it jumped right out of the cup and onto his shirt.


Aaron had to show off that he could actually do the motions too.


Noah busts a move (he's the one in green where you can only see the top of his head)

12. Snack time of course

Noah actually knew NOT to take the RED licorice (he forgot about the punch the next day...Deb actually witnessed it's wrath)

13. And so far, my favorite picture of the week