Friday, June 5, 2009

Noah's Awards

Yesterday was Noah's last day of school. He had a half day but the last hour was the awards assembly for the 1st through sixth grades.

Here is Noah before the assembly started, wearing the tee shirt that his teacher made for the class with their class picture on it.

Each teacher brought their class to the front and presented them with fun awards, character awards, and/or academic awards.

Noah's teacher gave each student an individual award based on their performance in class. Last year his award was the "Star Reader" award, but from what I gathered, most of the kids were pretty great readers by the end of the year, so that award went to the little girl who had improved the most.

As the awards were given, you could see the kids wait excitedly for what their award would be. No big surprise what Noah's ended up as:

Science Lover Award. He was quite excited

Sorry about how blurry it is. I have a very hard time with settings in their gymnasium.

After a very long hour and all the other classes had been complete, each of the "specials" teachers came up to present their awards. First, art, followed by music, and then PE.

The kids had participated in the president's fitness test and Mrs. M presented "Best in Class" awards for several events.

Noah received Best in Class awards for both pull ups (1 pull up) and quarter mile run (2:06)

He was most proud though that he got the National Fitness Award and the accompanying patch. Only two kids in his class and only one kid in each other grade earned one.

He was one proud little boy!!!

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