Sunday, October 12, 2008

Weekend Top Five 10/13/08

This weekend had beautiful, unseasonably warm weather. I was determined for us to be outside for as much of it as possible, which worked out quite well for us. We ended up actually digging out the shorts. Here are for the top five for this week.

5. Weekend Top Five Becomes A Meme

As you will now notice, I not only have a button, but also a Mr. Linky. My Weekend Top Five posts have started getting a little more traffic, and although I love reading people's weekend recaps, sometimes I wish they would be more concise and quicker reads, which is why I established the weekend top five in the first place. With the help of Judy Thomas at Welcome To My World of Dreams, I now have a button and an "official" meme. Since I didn't quite know what to do with it, Deb came over Friday night to help me. I now have a code for you to "steal" and pass on this Monday meme (please look to your right and steal away) and also know how to add Mr. Linky when I want (please link so I can see how your weekend went).

4. Playtime

Noah has established his new best friend, "Otto" who is actually an old CD player that he found. I don't know why it has a name, or why the name he chose is that of my father's, but it has followed him everywhere for the past three days. He found some CD's in the living room and made them his own. His favorite is one he found in my old teaching stuff, "Peter and the Wolf". So Saturday morning, he had Aaron and me bring pillows and blankets to his room and line up to lie on his floor to all listen to it together.

3. Pumpkin Path

Every year, the city businesses host an evening of trick or treat stops along a path in the park. It is probably no less than 1000 people at this thing. We have gone every year for the five years since its inception, and it gets bigger every year. By the time we were maybe halfway through the park, the kids declared they were done and wanted to go play at the playground instead.

Gotta love a Daddy who will go out in public wearing a silly wig in the spirit of fun. This just a few hours after being to the med center with a whopper of a sinus infection. What a good sport!

Since the playground was too crowded, they settled for playing on the rings that usually spurt water in the splash pad during the summer. My monkey Noah turned them into monkey bars...quite creative I thought.

2. Noah's Lost Babyhood Round Two

Yup, tooth number two. The tooth fairy was sent scrambling when we realized we had no cash in the house. Steve found some half dollar coins in his top drawer that saved the night. And I am quite sure Noah has never seen half dollar even though they are talking about counting coins in school, so knowing Noah, he will be all over it, probably taking them on Monday for his day of Show and Tell.

I just hope these grown up teeth straighten out a little. Someone said it c
an take six months for them to settle into place...fingers crossed.

1. Apple Picking

Another beautiful Sunday afternoon in Michigan...perfect for apple picking after church. We went to this orchard last year and I think it is our favorite one yet for apples.

Thank goodness there is a Daddy ladder to reach the good ones on top

Maybe Noah will grow up to be a veterinarian. This baby goat rolled over and licked his hand.

I love Aaron's expression in this picture trying to jump the hay bal
es. He just looks so concentrated.

Can't leave the farm without doughnuts.

Like I said above, please consider sharing your weekend with me and joining Mr. Linky. I will be sure to visit you.

Have a great week.


Melissa said...

Looks like you guys had a great weekend. That is so funny about the CD player named Otto!

And congrats to Noah on his 2nd tooth falling out!

Have a great week.

KC said...

I'll link to share my weekend.. but I'll never beable to put my weekend into just 5 things LOL.. NEVER.. well maybe I could do the top 5 for me and DH, then another top 5 for Princess, and another top 5 for Mr Man and another top 5 for Sweet Pea and then another top 5 for Little Man.. but even then I'll end up with the top 25 which I normally have anyways LOL..
Glad you got the button and the Mr Linky going.
Congrats on the lost tooth.
the trick or treating looks like fun, but seem off doing it this early in the month.
All the pictures look great sounds like you had a wonderful weekend.

Kila said...

Looks like a good weekend! I hope "Daddy" is feeling better soon! Congrats on the tooth coming out!

bethn said...

I'm glad you had a good weekend. Gotta love those donut breaks!

Deb - Mom of 3 Girls said...

Oh congrats on the tooth finally coming out! I'm sure that Noah loves the coins. :)

Did your boys get eaten alive by mosquitoes the other night at our place? I counted almost 30 bites on Becca... Sigh. And I even had bug spray - just didn't even think about it.

Looks like a great day apple picking!

Courtney said...

Congrats to Noah on the loss of his second tooth. He looks so proud.

Your top 5 are interesting again. I like the shortness of your posts and never even considered doing something like this. I hate typing up long posts as much as you don't like reading them!

Whitney said...

Sounds fun and I LOVE the wig:) Hey, I need to talk to you soon...Wednesday?

Tammy said...

What a cool weekend!!!