Friday, January 11, 2008


So here's a way to feel self-conscious.

1. Step on the scale and pick your mouth off the floor at the number.

2. Decide you need to exercise

3. Buy a mini trampoline and bounce while watching TV in your basement

4. Have children commandeer trampoline so they can jump from said trampoline to the large inflatable bounce thing ...including frontward flips that will most certainly break a bone someday

5. Buy a dance mat "for the kids" for Christmas and discover that the only person who really gets it is yourself and start dancing everyday. While mat provides a somewhat non-strenuous workout and actually kind of fun, it doesn't seem to be enough that would actually make a difference.

6. While kids are playing on a cold Thursday morning (yesterday) decide that you could just get an exercise movie for free off of Comcast On Demand and try that.

7. However, the minute you start trying to tae-bo with Billy Blanks, the kids come running from two different rooms of the house to watch mommy lurch around pretending to box.

8. Said children are so fascinated watching mommy try to do this that they are glued to their seats, not even to move with the offer of kids shows in mommy's room on mommy's bed.

What did I learn from this humiliation?

A. My kids are so shocked at the idea of mommy exercising that they are rendered immobile
B. I really wish I could join a gym

I don't know quite how this situation is going to play itself out...but I need to do's only 5 months until shorts weather.


Deb - Mom of 3 Girls said...

Good for you for at least trying! That's more than I've been able to do lately... I just can't seem to get motivated at all. :-(

Shana said...

Can't help but laugh... :o) I don't even want to think about shorts weather!

Thanks for stopping by my blog. :o) Nice to meet you and can't wait to read more from you and your blog.

lynnae @ from under the clutter said...

Oh, I am so in the same boat. Let me know if you come up with a great idea!

MomOf3 said...

Bravo to you for trying! I have tried various exercise tapes at home, and none have worked while the kids were awake. Doing crunches seems to merely be an invitation for the kids to jump on my stomach! Ha! You will find your way! Keep looking!!! :) Thanks for visiting my blog! It is nice to e-meet you! :) I will be back!

Childlife said...

LOL - same problem here! What is it that is so fascinating?? I really don't get it.*sigh*

TheCynicalOptimist said...

This is too funny and too true! WAs this by chance the "Urban Rebounder?"