Sunday, January 27, 2008

The Ever-Changing Weekend

Last Thursday, we had a great plan for the weekend. Other than a few hours of work for Steve Saturday morning, we could have the entire weekend to play. Here WAS our fun plan.
Saturday AM- Peter and the Wolf Grand Rapids Symphony Lollipop Concert then Chuckee Cheese for lunch since Noah had three green days at school for two weeks in a row
Saturday PM- A Grand Opening for Gymnastiks Unlimited was holding a free Open Gym for 3 hours of active boy craziness to let out some pent up "boy juice" after a week of being couped up because of extreme cold temps.
Sunday AM-Church and lunch at the BOB (We got a gift certificate for Christmas from some friends at church)
Sunday PM Sledding at a local sledding hill
What stands out the most of this itinerary you may ask?
Pink Arm Boy has an activity restriction, but A LOT of energy. Let me just say, the kid is BOUNCING OFF THE WALL!!!!!!!!!
SO, what do we do with our weekend?
First off, Friday night we needed to do something about Noah's hair. He already needed a haircut...but now that he is not able to take a bath for three weeks, we really needed to do something. Luckily, he has the kind of hear that is PERFECT for shaving. For those of you with little boys; we used a one and a half size for his entire head. Very short! But now we can throw him into the shower and it won't take long to get him completely washed down.
Steve didn't get home from work until after the Symphony would have started...cross that off the list.
Aaron has decided to avoid naps for three days...the kid NEEDS a nap...cross going anywhere for lunch off the list
Pink Arm Boy can't jump in a gymnasium for three hours...cross the gym off the list.
How about the play area at the mall?
Wow...about 12 dozen kids piled on top of each other...probably every other parents' idea to relieve excess energy from the cold weather...okay no play area. Since we're at the mall, Steve can look for new slippers because of the previous "flower" incident in the house. SO, Steve searches every possible store for slippers. Then, I get to hear quite an extensive soliloquy about why it isn't fair that women's slippers are all on clearance and there aren't any for men left anywhere in the mall. Tough luck Daddy...maybe next Christmas.
Next at the mall...Noah has no shirts that fit over a cast. You never really notice that every boy's shirt has a tight cuff until you try to fit a writs cast over it. Much to Daddy's chagrin, Mommy has much better luck in her shopping quest. OLD NAVY CLEARANCE! 4 shirts for $12. We should be able to rotate those with two others we found at home that would work. We only need to last three weeks. The cast comes off Valentine's Day. By this point, we're pretty hungry. Taco Bell at the Mall. What a healthy and hearty meal for a Saturday night. On our way out, we did briefly run into Deb and the girls are fascinated by the bright pink cast. I am PRAYING that the boys at school tomorrow are just as kind. By the time we get home, we are able to have a movie night with Underdog (this is such a cute movie) and the boys only talked for a few mintues before they gave up and went to sleep.
Sunday morning, thanks to a new rule in the church nursery(of which I strongly disapprove), we decided to leave Steve and the boys home since I needed to direct my youth chimes in the first service. The kids did great and after a few more explanations to people as to where the rest of the family was, I got home around 10:30. Picked up the family and headed downtown to the BOB. Lo and is now closed on the weekends until 4:30. Cross that off the list. So we knew the g.c was also good at a little restaurant in East Grand Rapids so we headed there. It was the first time in a long time that we took the kids to a nice sit down restaurant and it's accompanying longer wait than your typical family place. The boys did pretty well and we had a nice, albeit WAY TOO MUCH FOOD, brunch. Because it took so long, not enough time for a nap. So I dropped Steve and Noah off at the library for the magic show and I drove Aaron around for about half hour to
get a little shut eye in before the show. We DID actually get to the magic show. Aaron got to participate by holding a small piece of rope before the magician tied it back together and Noah got to be a prop on stage, although he moved at the wrong time and the illusion didn't work. We didn't really tell him that he did it wrong and he laughed so hard at the show that it was worth it.
So now we are home and Noah STILL has way too much energy. I am very much worrying about him school tomorrow. No outside for recess or gym class to run around, I don't really know what to expect for behavior report tomorrow. I did pull down the mini-trampoline for a little while and let him jump on that and he still drives the SMARTCYCLE that the boys got for Christmas. I think it is going to be a long three weeks. I am also really hoping the boys in his class think that pink is cool abnd don't tease him. He was really excited about the color and I don't wnat his spirit crushed by some unfeeling boys.
So, not really an extraordinary weekend, but we were still all together as a family, which Noah is always very vocal about wanting


Hillary said...

Sorry the plans fell through. But sounds like you had a BUSY, fun family weekend anyways! Here's hoping that the pink cast is cool tomorrow in school! :)

Childlife said...

Boy that sounded busy!! So impressive that you managed to do the whole of it together too : )