Tuesday, January 29, 2008

No Kissing in Kindergarten

When I picked up Noah yesterday, he had had a pretty good day. I had emailed the teacher warning her of his "antsiness" and she was kind enough to send a note home. He did pretty well but was a huge distraction in the office when he couldn't go out for recess. I will have to figure something out for tomorrow.

However, the Kylie-Noah saga continues. This is the way the conversation went.

"Mommy, Kylie really liked my cast"

"That's great, honey"

A few minutes later

"Mommy, Kylie kissed me on the cheek"

I couldn't help but laugh at the visual

"Mommy, I kissed Kylie on the cheek back...but she did it first."

"Noah, no kissing until you're 17"

"Or when you're a grown-up"

"That's right"

"But, Mommy, you can't kiss boys"

"That's right, you only kiss girls...but not until you're 17"

"But I can kiss you"

"Yes, you can kiss your family"

"But Daddy and Aaron are family, and they're boys"

"Noah...no kissing anyone who is not your family until you're 17"

"Okay, Mommy"

A few minutes later

"Mommy...it's okay if I kiss Kylie because I'm going to marry her someday"


I think I need to email the teacher to let her know there is kissing going on. In Noah's kindergarten class of eight kids, there are 6 boys and 2 girls. You have to give him credit for swooping down and claiming one for his own. They are going to be together for the next 12 years.


Deb - Mom of 3 Girls said...

I can't help but think, "Noah and Kylie sitting in a tree..."

Sorry. :)

Abby and Hannah have both had 'boyfriends' but no kissing yet as far as I know. Hannah's current boyfriend is a boy named Josh in her class and Abby still insists that she's going to marry Ben someday.


Summer said...

I love his pointing out that Kylie will be family some day (at least to him). Too cute!

~Amber~ said...

LOL! The things that come out of children's mouths!!

Hillary said...

How adorable! I love it.

Childlife said...

That is just beyond precious : ) Better hide those car keys now!!

Melany aka Supermom said...

That is just SO sweet. Jason(5) also has his 'wife' chosen already lol Since they were 18 months old!

Tiff said...

awww that is too cute!!!

Kimberly said...

And the temptation to homeschool my two girls begins to grow...~lol~ Too funny!

Heidi @ GGIP said...

What a cute conversation. My son hugs a lot of kids, but he is younger and is just affectionate like that. None of this marriage talk for us yet!

Corey~living and loving said...

what a darling story...the kissing begins.....my Sugar has a little boy she is pretty smitten with, but I dont' think it is in any sort of love sort of way. She just thinks he is great.

Thanks for coming by my blog.
have a great weekend.

Chrissy said...

Too cute...already looking for loopholes? Watch out for this one, Mom!

P.S. Thanks for stopping by my blog!

KC said...

LOL.. you got yourself a real ladies man there dontcha??? LOL

There is a 1st grader at Sweet Pea's school(she is in K) that keeps chasing her around the playground telling her he wants to marry her. but I don't think there has been any kissing yet. LOL

I got my 1st kiss in K. :)