Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Not for the Squeamish!!!!

Okay, if you hate discussions of bodily functions, this is not the post for you. But once again, I have the need to vent. I will try not to be too graphic. For the point of discussion we will use the term "flower" for all references to repalce the bodily function term "poopy". So here it goes...

I am so sick of Flowers! (please remember the new meaning) I know Aaron will not be going off to college in pull-ups. I know this is a phase in his life. HOWEVER... the last two days have been very flowery.

For some reason, potty learning has reached a strange turn at the moment. Aaron and Noah are fighting a bug and have had runny flowers for a couple of days. I am one of those mom who potty learns by the "Naked toddler" method. I have found this method quick and successful for both of the boys. However, Aaron has decided that every time a flower comes, it is necessary to either just let it happen whenever and wherever. In the last two days, Steve has slipped on flowers in the hallway that we didn't know were there, I have stepped flowers into the carpet upstairs in his room, flowers came in the middle of the play area at the mall, and now for the icing on the cake, apparently tonight Aaron decided that if you throw a pull-up into the air with flowers in it, they will STICK TO THE CEILING IN THE LIVING ROOM.

In all fairness to him, his little bottom is very raw and it probably feels better to let flowers happen but they have been SO prominent in the last two days. I finally got lazy this afternoon and kept him in a pull up.

The poor little boy does have a virus of some sort creating part of this mess, but having had to throw away two pairs of underpants, two pairs of socks (one being mine), my husband's slippers AND my bath mat because of flowers spread throughout the house, I AM GOING MAD.

My step mom called the other day from sunny Florida (I'm so jealous) and wanted to know how the day was going. She does not like the discussion of bodily functions so I spared her the details and just said "I'm so sick of potty training". However, within the conversation a few more details came out. Her response cracked me up; "Wow, you really are having a bad flower day"

The ironic thing...Aaron's favorite thing to call people when he's mad:


Gee, I could write more, but it is now a half hour past when we put them to bed and low and behold, Aaron just announced more flowers...break out another pull-up.

I've given you a new meaning for "Wake up and smell the flowers"

In keeping with tonight's post, I will post a fun memory from Noah's potty learning days as my Wordless Wednesday.
Have a great night.


MomOf3 said...

I totally feel for you. We are in the midst of potty training too. "Flower" talk permeates our life too. It is only for a season! Write down the stories though for when they are teenagers! Ha!

KC said...

I so feel your pain.. I thought Sept would be a great time to start potty training Little Man, because all the kids would be at school except him and it would just be me and him all day long.(I to do the naked-toddler) He did well for about 3 days when all of a sudden he got sick.. sick with flower.. I didn't wait for the big messes like you are talking about the pull up went right on that boy fast.. and after a few days of flower I broke out the diapers. It was bad.. he ended up REALLY sick with flower for *16* days the doctor was running all sort of test on his flower trying to figure out what was wrong with my boy.. they never did figure it out and called it a virus.. but after he was getting better I ended up sick with it for a few weeks then DH got it and that started the 6 weeks of DH being sick and in the hospital with the virus plus gallbladder.. but my point is when things got back to normal it was already November and I still hadn't got things together to potty train the boy.. With the holidays nothing happen.. So we are just getting back to the naked toddler right now..
I'm keeping my fingers crossed we dont have any flower issues.. He was at my moms yesterday and today due to me needing a babysitter to have all this dental work done, she keeps him in a pull up she doesn't want flower or pee on her floors. LOL.. but tonight she told me he hasn't had a wet or flowery pull up since he got to her house, except he was wet when he woke up in the morning but all day long stayed dried.. YEAH!!!!!

I'll pray your flowery mess is over soon and everyone is feeling better.

Summer said...

Difficulties in potty training can almost never be laughed at in the moment. But maybe later. :)

Deb - Mom of 3 Girls said...

Hmm, I don't know if it's the same thing we're dealing with here since ours seems to be coming up and out the other end... I'm not sure which is worse though!

I'm so not looking forward to potty training Becca, which is probably why I'm fighting it right now, even though she seems to be bent on starting it anyway. Sigh...

I hope you are having a flower-less day today! :)

An Ordinary Mom said...

I am so sorry for all your flowery messes ... especially the ceiling one. Yikes!

I think you made the right decision to keep him in a pull-up until this virus passes.

I wish someone could invent a potty training pill :) !!

Good luck!

TheCynicalOptimist said...

Oh man! That is tragic! Flowers on the ceiling!!??!! Aromatic for SURE!

I have no good advice, bribery was our only resource! :)

Hillary said...

Flowers on the ceiling?!?!? That's intense. I guess now I know what I have to look forward to!