Friday, January 18, 2008

Weekend Happenings

I have a little business to attend to this morning. I received my first award from Deb.
I forgot to ask her how to transfer it so when I learn, you can see it.

So not a very eventful weekend. Probably because it was so cold that I couldn't stand to be outside. Friday night we stayed in and watched a movie. Saturday morning I took Noah out to Target for popcorn and Steve took Aaron to get his haircut. That was the extent of leaving the house all day.

I don't think wind chills got above 5 degrees all weekend.

So, the boys were bouncing off the walls today from lack of outside time (I hope). At church this morning, Noah was a hyper basket case...bouncing around and touching any child he could get near. Drove me nuts! Both boys recited their bible verses in front of the congregation this morning and did very well. Unfortunately, just as Aaron's class (3 and 4 year olds) stepped up in front to start their recitation, my video camera decided that it had too much dew from being outside and when I opened the tape holder, the film from the tape spread out everywhere. Needless to say, we didn't get either class' recitation on film. It was a disappointment since it was Aaron's first time. I will try to get a copy from someone else...there were about 15 cameras rolling at the time. I did include a picture of Noah's recitation last year. He was the one standing on the end with his hand in his mouth. This year, he stood right in front and belted out the first and second commandments. It's amazing the difference a year can make.

In the afternoon after fighting Aaron for a nap, he finally succumbed. Then we went to Deb's
for Becca's birthday party. Unfortunately, it was too cold for others to make it out so my boys were the only ones there. It was nice for the kids to get to play for a little while though.

All in all, maybe one of the most boring weekends in quite awhile but as I mentioned before, I spent the whole weekend shivering and trying tow warm my hands. I hope it gets warmer as the week goes on. I don't think my weight can handle much more hot chocolate.

Have a great day.


Whitney said...

The weather was cold this weekend-glad to hear you had a good one though. See you Wednesday (Tell Steve and Aaron their haircuts are very cute):)

Deb - Mom of 3 Girls said...

We didn't leave the house the whole weekend until dinner for Becca's birthday tonight... And that's a whole story too.

Thank you for coming to Becca's party! It was so nice to get together and let the kids all play... You left a couple of things here, btw, so we'll have to trade them for our sippy cup sometime soon. :)

KC said...

It was very very cold here all weekend also.. like true temp of 0 to 5 and with wind chill it was freezing. I didn't have a choice to stay inside and be warm.. but any chance I did get to stay in the house I did..
Our video camera broke lastweekend, not this past one but the one before so I didn't get to tape any of Princess's birthday I was bummed but I made up for it with still shots LOL.
It did the same thing yours did dew on it from going in and out of the cold. So i followed the directions for letting it dry out.. ONLY after 24 hours of keeping it open the tape door is now stuck and won't close.. UGH.. I called the repair number and they tell me that the cost of the repair is pretty much the same price I could pay to get a new camera.. UGH UGH.. ~sigh~ and I already missed Princess's birthday and Sweet Pea's birthday is next week.. I'm bummed about this also.

Congrats on the boys for getting up and saying there verses how wonderful.