Sunday, April 13, 2008

Making Ronin Laugh

I am feeling nostalgic about Spring Break being over. The next break we have will be summer, then my little boy will be heading to "real" school as a first grader. So, instead of feeling sad and depressed about it, yet again, I will still ponder the happy fun of our visit by sharing some of the many ways to make my nephew, Ronin, laugh.

Aunt Jenny starts with some well placed kisses

Big Sister Kira tries the tickle method

Cousin Aaron lends an ear for a toy snake

Big brother Odin seems to bring a smile out of him by simply his presence.

Noah's Valentine monkey did the trick EVERY time.


In reality, this is one happy baby that pretty much smiles at the drop of a hat, puts himself to sleep amidst the loud noise of four other kids running around, and just emits the epitome of a happy baby.

Happy Monday.


Debbie Yost said...

Oh, he is such a cutie!

Chrissy said...

Happy babies are so much fun! Looks like the rest of the kids had fun playing with him, too!

Melissa said...

What sweet photos!!

We went to Lowry Park Zoo in Tampa. Its about 30 min from our house. BUT, I lived outside of Chicago growing up and we went to Brookfield Zoo all the time!!

Deb - Mom of 3 Girls said...

Wow, he's getting so big! And what a little cutie he is - look at all of that hair... :)