Saturday, April 5, 2008

Spring Break Day 2 Bikes and Bread

Wow...beautiful weather for the first "official" day of Spring Break. Sunny and 52. We knew we needed to get outside today.

Steve got home late from work because he had to go clean out the un-drivable minivan over at the transmission place. When he got home, we finally headed to Noodles and Company for lunch.

If you remember this post, I destroyed all of Steve's work pants a couple of weeks back and Steve is desperate. Is anyone familiar with Steve and Barry's? A store with actually pretty decent clothes with nothing over $8.89. So we headed over to Holland where they have a very large store at West Shore Mall so Steve could buy some replacement pants for work.

While we there, we had brought some bread for the kids to go over to the outlet center on the bridge and feed the ducks. The ducks weren't all that interested in eating, but the boys had a great time anyway with the novelty of throwing food into the water. Noah did start eating as much as he was throwing after awhile.

On the way home, Aaron and Steve both fell asleep when I looked down and, lo and behold, the "back-up" car's "Service Engine Soon" light came on. YOU'VE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME!!!

So Steve took it over to the same diagnostic place he took the van, less than 24 hours before, and had it hooked up. this time they couldn't find anything so he drove it home. The light still hasn't gone off.

Now, the week is even starting to look a little more interesting with both cars out of commission.

We still had a fun afternoon of playing outside. Noah climbed the neighbors' tree for the first time and I didn't catch him until he was PAST the phone lines. He actually argued with me when I told him he to stay under the phone lines he was hitting as he was climbing.

Aaron is getting better at maneuvering the bike. Noah even set up an obstacle course for them to ride through (three buckets, that is)

We watched the rest of "Enchanted" and got the kids to bed early.

Steve's ulterior motive...watching two basketball games.

Have a great Lord's Day tomorrow. I know we will be heading to the park right after church and Steve is planning to clean out the grill tomorrow night for the first cook out of the year.


Stacey,momof 2 said...

I do hope you have a blessed day to-morrow!
I am hoping we will go to church, also--but my daughter Jessica went to sleep early--because she wanted to -- so I am nervous that she is getting sick!

enough about me, I hope your car situation gets better!
enjoy your wonderful weather, we are supposed to be getting, rain! Oh, the Joy!

Melissa said...

Past the phone lines? Oh my I would have died! Glad you guys had a wonderful time outside.

Deb - Mom of 3 Girls said...

Wow, that must be another 'boy' thing - the girls have never thought about climbing any of our trees, until Donnie brought up the idea to Abby yesterday.

I hope you had a good day today and got to enjoy the wonderful weather out with the boys! :)

Shannon @ Gabi's World said...

You all look like you have had a great Spring Break. Loved looking at all of the pics of the kids having a great time.