Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Spring Break Day 4

Nothing much exciting yesterday. I spent the day on the phone working out the "car thing". We visited a friend of a friend at a dealership last night and came to a decision. We got burned on our last car purchase so we will not make another car purchase until we both fell REALLY GOOD about the purchase. So, we drop our vacation savings into a new transmission, but then hopefully get the three years out of the van. My thinking is, the transmission is one of the biggest expenses in a car. If we replace it, then hopefully we can ride three more years out of the van. I feel good about the decision and so does Steve.

So you, my bloggy buddies, will hopefully not have to bear any more car stories for awhile.

My sister and I took the boys and her boys (and an extra little girl) to the Pirates Who Don't Do Anything yesterday. Have you seen it? It was sooooo cute. I loved the music and even Aaron sat somewhat still (He is NOT a movie person). I think even my brother would love this movie.

Today we are off to the zoo (if the rain holds off) so I hope to get a good Wordless Wednesday picture out of it. The rain plan is bowling.

I also started a new rewards system with the boys yesterday. I found it on The MotherLoad.
If you have not visited her site yet, it has amazing ideas and I have loved it since I discovered it last week. Anyway, I originally thought it would help to encourage Noah to say "Okay, Mom" more but it has turned into much more. We went to the party store yesterday to buy Noah some tickets (the carnival type) and created a earn and payment chart. Aaron wanted in on the action to so I figured, since he has been having accidents again, maybe I could use this for Aaron to stay dry too. They each got their own color of tickets and bucket to keep them in. Noah helped me come up with rewards. I hope the novelty doesn't wear off too soon. I think it will help Noah to "earn" what he wants rather than expect it. It should help with math as he is already trying to figure out ow many tickets he needs for things and what he has to do to get them. I imagine we will later the chart as we go, but this morning, I have already had two little boys clean up the legos on the floor, eat breakfast, and get their clothes for today without a single battle...WOO HOO!

I will keep you "posted." hahahhahahahahahahahaha :)

Have a great Tuesday.


Melissa said...

Glad your car problems are over! We went to the zoo on our spring break too. Had a wonderful time. Hope you do too!

Courtney said...

Glad you figured out your car problems. That is similar to Taylor's sticker chart, only instead of tickets she earned stickers. Good luck it worked magic for her.

Mimi's Toes said...

Great way to have them earn it. They are so adorable.

Anonymous said...

That's great that you have come to a car decision! Also I love this reward chart, I am always on the lookout for this type of thing!

Deb - Mom of 3 Girls said...

Oh, does this mean no vacation this year? I hope you can still swing it, but I'm so glad that you guys made a decision that you feel good about.

Must be the week for car issues - we had another flat today, on the green van this time. Not a major issue, just more $ down the drain instead of going to bills.

How was the zoo? I hope the boys had a great time! :)

Jenny said...

Oh how I feel for you. We just had to dump several hundred unexpected dollars into our truck this week. I'm thankful that it's tax time and we can actually cover it!

I'm happy to hear you made a decision you're happy with.

I hope you have a great spring break!