Sunday, August 3, 2008

He's Becoming One Of Us!

So awhile ago, I think at least a year ago, my friend Chris talked me into opening a facebook account. I didn't really see the need, but sure, why not. I also added Deb at the time.

And then I didn't look at it until somewhat recently, when Amber, a new bloggy friend, added me to her friends. And then my sister started using it exclusively for her email. It sparked my interest again, so I started seeing who else I could find. I found a couple of friends from high school (17 years ago) and a couple of friends from college, as well as people that I speak to every week.

Then came the barnyard animal phase. By this I mean, my sister started flinging random animals at me. (You wouldn't really understand this comment unless you've been to facebook). So I thought, "If my sister can have some fun and send silly things, I really want my husband on here to fling a sheep at once in awhile too."

Steve, my wonderful, adoring, loving, husband has been rolling his eyes for quite awhile at my involvement with my blog, and then with facebook. He enjoys reading what I write on the blog, but has had NO interest in writing himself.

But, while Steve was in the shower yesterday, I set up a facebook account for him. Now it seems, he has been dragged into this kicking and screaming, but I think he is going to enjoy it too. He seems to be piling on the friend requests from people, some of whom I know and some not.

My theory is that as our kids get older and the technology becomes more varied, we need to both be up to speed on how these things work.

Chris was teasing Steve a little while ago about when he was going to start his own blog. I think he is happy to leave that one to me.

But he better watch out for flying pigs!


Anonymous said...

I haven't tried Facebook or My Space, etc. My brother says he found some old friends, and likes to check out his peers in the workforce, by using Facebook.

Dad of Divas said...

Thanks for the shout out Kristi and I have to say that it is definitely about time that Steve has joined us in the electronic age! I am still waiting for his blog....we Dads would welcome him with open arms!

Anonymous said...

My husband still hasn't gotten a Facebook account - it's hard to explain that his best friend just pinched me without making it seem, weird.