Monday, August 4, 2008

Tackle It Tuesday Bathroom (Not What You Think)

Usually, Tackle It Tuesday is about what I need to get done or clean. This week is a little different.

I want to tackle some bathroom behaviors. And it won't be just today, but ongoing.

We are having a few ongoing problems:

A. Aiming into the bowl
B. Watching what you're doing (see A)
C. Flushing when you're done
D. Washing hands

These have been constant battles. We have tried many strategies related to the above:

A. Throw cheerios for target practice
B. No more taking toys in with you to do your thing
C. Nagging, nagging, nagging
D. Books about germs, rewards, fun colored soap, hand washing songs

Now we have a new development that has created fear in me...

While I was watching TV the other night, two separate times Baby Pumpkin came running across me dripping wet. I didn't think much of It, thinking that maybe he was getting into his water bowl, but them discovered that his water bowl was dry and there was no water anywhere.

Then I caught him in the act...the silly kitten keeps trying to jump INTO the toilet!

So now I have to add yet another bathroom problem...

I'll even present it to you in rhyme


So, this morning, after the bazillionth time of yelling at a child for breaking numerous of these rules, I had had it. I need a plan...

This is what I came up with.


and when you leave the seat up, you will see

Who knows if it will work but desperate times call for desperate measures.

Oh, yes, and since they still forgot something once in awhile after I posted the signs, I added this:

So, yes my bathroom does need a good cleaning, as it does every day when there are three boys in the house. And most days, a quick wipe with Clorox bleach wipes does the trick while I am getting ready to get into the shower.

But for now, we have other bathroom issues to tackle. What are you tackling today?


bethn said...

I have to laugh. We had the same problem with Tucker when e was little so I worked really hard to train the boys to put the toilet seat down when they're done.

Now whenever anyone visits and leaves the seat up we really hear about it and it drives them crazy at my folks house that no one else puts the seat down (bugs me too, but that's beside the point).

Good luck! It really is doable,right now when Dylan is asked if he washed his hands he just says, but I didn't pee on them. Hmm, maybe he needs a little work, too.

Have a good day!

Scarlet O'Kara said...

Good luck with your bathroom re-training. I only have one male in my house and I still have problems!

We are going to work on "Walking To School". Ky starts Kindergarten in less than 2 weeks and we will be wish us luck. Yesterday, she did it, but only after alot of tears and calling me "Evil".

Becky said...

This is hilarious and awesome!! As a mom of 2 small boys, I am right there with you. And YAY for little guys who can READ. said...

Love the visual cues!

Great work mom---

when the boys are "older" their girlfriends' will thank you for raising thoughtful boys!

Steph said...

I must say I have been very lucky My big boy (the 42 year old) is good about the putting the seat down thing hence my 3 year old learned from daddy. Now my 6 year old is the one who seems to have the problem with flushing the toilet!

Margerie said...

You are a genius! I wish I had thought of that. I was ready to invent a splash guard.....

Now I consider myself lucky that I just have to nag the kids to turn off the bathroom light.

Candice said...

What a great idea!!! I'm thinking of using this for my husband - who still is learning :) Gotta love him though!

Jennifer said...

I love it!! Great ideas. Since we moved into a bigger house noone will ever see the boys bathroom and I honestly haven't even cleaned it since we moved in (3 weeks ago!!!) I think I'll do their decor the same way.

Melissa said...

TOO FUNNY! I was just going to do a post about the exact same thing! I mean really- why cant Gavin aim it into the toilet? Why does it go everywhere else? I find pee on the wall behind the toilet and that is just gross! I actually showed him last night under the lid of the toilet all the dried pee- then I told him cockroaches love pee and if he keeps doing that one day he will see the cockroaches in the toilet waiting for him. Maybe I will scare him into peeing straight!

Deb - Mom of 3 Girls said...

LOL - not something I've thought much about! I love the signs though - I hope they help. :)

Becky said...

LOL! Great signs...hope they're successful!

We're trying to tackle potty training Judah. He came to us with the box of wipes, a clean pull up, and laid himself down on the floor beside daddy. "Change my dipe, daddy? It bugth me."

I think it's high time he was finally potty trained.