Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Thursday Thirteen: Messes (actually 12 +1clean)

As I was downloading the bazillion pictures I have taken of the cats together in the last few days, I started heading down memory lane and looking at old pictures. I discovered that I seem to have a fetish for taking pictures of messes. I don't know if it is to make me feel better when they are clean, or to remember that my house can always be worse than what it is at any given time.

At any rate, you, my reader, are bound to feel better about your own homes after seeing 13 messes over the years that I have taken pictures

Baby Aaron proud of a lego mess a few years ago

Noah among his gift mess last Christmas

Aaron among the mess of one of our many room swaps through the years

An "organized mess" with one of Aaron's book paths he used to make last year while Noah was at school.

Noah among the mess in our basement right after Steve pulled down a divider wall to make room for a big bouncer that we got for them last October.

Play dough mess with Deb's girls

Family Christmas Chaos 2005

Christmas morning 2005

One of our favorite pictures of the boys. We call it "The Calm After The Storm". We love everything about this picture: the mess, the bareness, the hat, the calm reading.

The reason we got rid of that loft bed. The bed wasn't high enough for useful space underneath so it just became a place to make messes. This was an attempt at a fort.

Even the cats have to contend with messes when they play

And for one chance to redeem ourselves...a before AND after shot of when we redid our upstairs room.



So are you feeling better yet?

Happy Thursday.


Yasmin said...

lol...YEP I'm feeling better and I love the after picture. Please visit me today;

Meju said...

Love the pictures, they could have been taken at my house a couple of years ago.

Deb - Mom of 3 Girls said...

Ok, now I'm feeling a lot better about the state of my house at the moment. I'll feel even better once all of the garage sale stuff comes out too. :)

Alice said...

I love your room reno. Well done! Happy T13

Alice at I Was Born2Cree8
Or My 22nd Thursday 13

Soul Pockets said...

This makes me feel better about my house.


Monday through Sunday said...

lol real life!! Love your before and after pics!

bethn said...

Gosh some of those look like our basement on any given day. I drive Mark crazy because I just don't care if the basement looks like a toy bomb went off 99% of the time.

Tink said...

I'm feeling much better now, but that's not fair. I don't have kids, although my cats and dogs can do their share too... ;-)
Thanks for visiting my Olympics TT.

Michelle said...

Yup, I feel better thanks. I thought my little one knew how to make a mess. LOL!! Happy TT!

Shannon @ Gabi's World said...

I've got 13 messes today alone! You want to help clean it up?

Plus, I wanted to let you know that I haven't forgotten you. Both of our laptops are being repaired which could take 3 months! Ack...the HORROR! But I am resorted to the old slower than slow desktop. So needless to say, I have to put your blog redesign on hold until I get my laptop back. I'd lose my mind if I had to attempt it this way!

Anonymous said...

Kids, animals and men... if even one of these are around, you can't keep anything clean!

Thanks for visiting my blog and Happy TT!

Steph said...

OK I actually had the shakes looking at all those pictures, I am a total neat freak but I like the last one.

Tammy said...

The redid looks great!!!