Sunday, August 17, 2008

Weekend Top Five 8/17/08

A much less thrilling weekend than last weekend for the kids. For us, however, we got so much accomplished. I don't have a whole lot of pictures to describe, because we were too busy. Let me explain...

As many of my readers know, Deb has undertaken a major house switch around that involved painting all the bedrooms, switching all the furniture and toys, and cleaning up all of the messes left behind.

Much to my shame, her messes created by major house changes were still neater than some of my everyday messes. So I decided that something needed to be done. I will share one of them one Tuesday, but the other now.

So with that explanantuions, our top five activities from this weekend.

5. A little straightening up turned into a full kitchen overload...while the kids were running mad Saturday morning while Steve was still at work (pictures on Tuesday). Along the way, I determined that the entire kitchen needs a paint job VERY BADLY and I intend to do that the first month that the kids are back to school. This weekend DEFINITELY taught me to never paint again with the kids in the house.

Along the way, I got frustrated that every room is our house has has a renovation projects left unfinished in the six years we have lived here. So after lunch and a trip to Home Depot, our second home repair project got underway.

4. Our originally had a "fake" bathroom, aka a toilet surrounded by paper board walls. Because the room was so small, we tore out the wall and toilet, leaving holes in the floor and nastiness where the walls had attached to our real wall. The wall had been patched, and I had repainted the walls about a year ago, but the fan had never gone back up because the ceiling never got painted. There were three different colors showing through and two different colored blinds on the window, floor boards left unpainted, and paint peeling off the ceiling. So after painting the ceiling, finding wall border, and getting the fan back up, here are the before and after shots. I still need to buy valances today.

Right after the wall came out

The bedroom this morning

Noah's quote during the entire ordeal sums up how the kids handled the whole thing
"Daddy, Mommy just turned into the Hulk."

3. As a reward for putting up with painting, etc. all day, we took the boys on separate dates Saturday night. Aaron and Daddy went to Richmond Park to swim. Mommy and Noah went to Space Chimps. Cute movie but WAY too many "stupids".

2. Sunday afternoon we needed to finish border and Aaron desperately needed a nap but afterward we stile made it to Richmond Park to swim as a family for probably the last time this summer.

1. How sad is this? The most momentous thing of the weekend was moving Pumpkin's litter and food into the basement. They are getting along well now and he can navigate the stairs well. It means that I no longer have kitty litter and kitty food in my living room.

I am quite sure that anyone reading this had a more exciting top five than me...let's hear about them.


Courtney said...

I need to do everything you did this weekend. I'm jealous. I keep saying I'm just going to wait until the weather gets cooler because we don't have too many more warm days so I might as well enjoy them.

Melissa said...

We have an unfinished project in every room too! Glad you got your bedroom done, I love that color.

bethn said...

Oh what fun! Painting and boys! Mine are always under foot and wanting to help. We also have a ton of projects on my list. Mostly painting. The bedroom looks great!

Deb - Mom of 3 Girls said...

Your bedroom looks so pretty! We had a pretty uninteresting weekend too - didn't even make it to the pool. :( But we got most of the house put back together and Ron took Abby and Hannah to see Wall-E, so I guess it wasn't a complete waste. :)

MomOf3 said...

Wow! You wer busy - everything looks great!!

MomOf3 said...

Oops! Typing too fast. I meant "were" of course! :)