Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Thursday Thirteen: How To Properly Wash a Car

As a way to get the kids to stay outside for awhile, I offered to let them wash the car. This is their procedure.

1. Let's carry the buckets of soapy water to the car

2. Let's scrub in one little section of the car over and over again so it sparkles.

3. Maybe the wheels need some rinsing

4. I think my bike would be more fun...I will scrub it until it shines

5. Scrubbing is too much work...maybe I'll just dump the whole bucket on it instead

6. Look Mom, we're actually working together to fill the bucket

7. Enough brotherly I got you where I want you

8. Maybe we will get yelled at less if we just dump them on ourselves

9. Think we'll get in as much trouble if we whip the sponges at each other?

10. Oops

11. Think the hose will get it down?

12.I must get all the water off of my feet...hmm...what should I use? The hose of course.

13. Enough of that hard work for today...I think I'll just water the street instead.

Anyone want to venture a guess at how clean the car actually got?

Happy T13.


bernieg1 said...

Hey are you guilty of child labor? Nah, just kidding. Great ideas and fun pictures. Sweet TT!

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Kris said...

Great pictures! My son just *loves* to wash his bike.

Hootin' Anni said...

These photos are precious. LOVE #7 best.

My 13 are listed, I do hope you can find time to stop over! happy thursday

Courtney said...

I'm gonna say that only that one spot got washed. Lol it looks like they had a lot of fun though.

Kila said...

LOL, it would probably be similar here!

Ruth said...

I love your commentary, especially #13! When I send my kids out to "water the plants" they mostly water the patio. This is one reason most of the grass is dead.

Michelle said...

What a cute TT. I love it. Your boys are just to cute. So, I'm guessing the van never got the wash it needed. LOL!! Thanks for reminding me that those friendship bead colors actually meant something. Of course I forgot what each means. Happy TT and thanks for stopping by mine.

My Wonderful Men said...

They look like great helpers, send them my way please!

Dad of Divas said...

How can I get them to come to my house...I have 2 dirty vehicles that could use their expertise!

Shannon @ Gabi's World said...

I would guess cleaner than mine!

I have found some stuff that I might be able to use for your blog, but I am still waiting for the other stuff you were gonna send me.

Ladykli said...

Cute little storyline!

Anonymous said...

It all makes perfect sense to me!

Becky L said...

Looks like fun.
I'm totally scared of trying that with my daughter though.

Kellie said...

Such fun! They look like they are getting themselves clean as well.

I have two cars in severe need of a good they hire out?


Tammy said...

They look like they had so much fun!!!

KC said...

Looks like they know what there doing :)