Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Lenten Thoughts

Tonight was Ash Wednesday. We had planned to attend church, but church was canceled, yet again, due to weather. Unfortunately, one of my groups is scheduled to sing Sunday and we've missed two rehearsals in a row due to weather, so who knows what they will sound like on Sunday. Oh well.

But I digress. Today is Ash Wednesday. This means we are again upon the most important season of the Christian Year. 40 days (plus Sundays) before Easter. A time for reflection and sacrifice. When I was young, I did not attend church and really didn't know anything about what Ash Wednesday was. As I started college and started attending campus ministry (where I met my husband and all of the close friends I have to this day) I started learning what it was all about.

Each year Ive tried to give something up with various degrees of success. And I do attempt to remember Christ's sacrifice each time I crave that which I have given up.

However, I am remembering a sermon our former Christian Ed Pastor, Traci, gave several times over the past couple of years. She suggested that rather than just giving something up, maybe we could ADD something to our lives to become closer to God. She suggested things such as daily Bible reading or devotional time if you don't already do it.

Well, I have never been good at those things as much I should but I have still been thinking about something I could add to my life for Lent that could make a difference for our family. The idea I've come up with may seem silly to others but to me it seems to fit.

I love my husband and boys. I tell them this every day. But in the regular hustle and bustle of life, and because I am not home most nights when the kids go to bed, I think we are lacking in physical affection in our home. A quick hug in the morning or a peck on the cheek has been about it.

I read somewhere that in order to be happy, a person NEEDS to receive six hugs a day. It doesn't seem like much, but I know I haven't even come close most days. I tried it once the other day just to see, and Noah really got into it. Aaron added that "we need six kisses too"

So, here are my Lenten goals: I still intend to give up the dreaded french fry because my weight situation is really getting out of control and I know that it will be a daily reminder. After all, we pass "burger stores" every day and I can be assured to remember to pray. But, I am also adding the goal of six hugs a day to each of my three special men in the house. I hope by the time Easter is here, we may have established TWO new routines in the house.

So, what about you? Do you think this is a ridiculous idea for Lenten goals? What are your thoughts on giving up things for Lent?


Andrea said...

You Lent goal sound like a good one! I have never done lent before since I've been raised in a baptist church and a mennonite church, but I actually think Lent is a good idea!!

Hillary said...

I think those are great goals. I have never done lent before because I'm LDS, but I could sure use with giving up chocolate! Good luck with the french fries!

Heidi @ GGIP said...

I don't usually give up anything for Lent. However, I think that is a wonderful idea to try to add something and make a good new habit.

TheCynicalOptimist said...

Fries are on my hit list too! THey are my one weakness that taunts me! "Eat me! Eat me! I'm so salty!!"

Good luck!! :)