Thursday, March 27, 2008

Calm after the not-so much Storm

Well, it is now 9:00 AM. our house guests have just left. They have yet another three hour drive plus three more days of visiting to do. We are sitting here staring at our hands. Not really. I will post later about what I will actually be doing all day today but for now I am just sitting looking around. The house is relatively put together. The boys are dressed. They have already attempted 2.5 fights that were quickly thwarted. I am afraid there may be several battles today, just because of let down.

It was a very good visit. A small house, four days, four little boys, two moms, and a dad could have been disastrous. But surprisingly, everything was somewhat calm. Kids slept every night, ate everyday, played well together, and stayed healthy. Could I ask for more?

I will do my first Thursday 13 to share the highlights from the visit.

13. Bubbles at the Children's Museum

12. Playworld

11. Alex coming to choir with Noah at church and playing tone chimes in front of church

10. Dylan wearing Aaron's doggie costume for the 2nd half of the visit, and still wearing it as they headed out the door this morning. I hope he enjoys it. The head was always too big for AA (long story)

9. Setting up a blog for Beth (I'll post the link on Sunday)

8. Quiet time every day

7. Ordering six kids meals with different contents through the McD's drive-through, only to be told at the window by the teenage employee that I was being "irritating" because of such a large order. I am STILL fuming!

6. Alex reading a skeleton bok to Noah in the back of the car.

5. Marveling at the creation of race track the boys made coming ALL THE WAY down the stairs.

4. Making WAYYYYY too much pasta for dinner. There is still a very large bowl of plain cooked noodles sitting in my fridge

3. Biggest fight of the week: trying to get everyone's hands washed in a Subway bathroom

2. Playing outside with the baseball tees...Alex falling down in the snow and INSISTING that he had to change "right now" because he's "seriously uncomfortable"

1. Spending time with my friend for an extended period of time and knowing that we made fun memories that will last.

Alex, Noah, Dylan (complete with doggie suit), Aaron

Thanks for reading. Stay tuned for later when I share today's project.


Steph said...

Very Cool !!I don't think I could have survived 4 little boys!!!!

Deb - Mom of 3 Girls said...

Sounds like you all had a great time! I had fun on the phone with you last night while getting things set up. :)

And that doggie costume looks pretty familiar! :)

Childlife said...

Sounds like a fabulous time! (Can't believe McDonald's guy though... I'd have been dialing that 1-800 "How Did We Do?" number on my way out of the drive through!

MomOf3 said...

It sounds like you had a wonderful visit with your friend! Yippee!! :) (I would have been talking to the manager of that McDonald's! How rude!)

Anonymous said...

Hey Sis-

Well, here is my blog, up and running (and no where near as wonderful a narrative as your own...At least it will elt all who are interested in various aspects of my life what is going on...
(Dr Divendre is the name of one of my favorite epic yet tragic bad guy antiheroes...the blog will explain it if you care)

As for McDonalds, I would have ripped that guy a new @$$H0LE! The 1-800 number is a good idea!

Enjoy your newfound peace and quiet...I played the video of your little singer at work and my boss loved it!

Keep up the blogging...


Jenny said...

Welcome to TT!

It sounds like you had a wonderful visit!

I agree with childlife, I would have been calling the 800 number on my cell phone while walking in to ask for the manager!

They are all cute, but the last picture is adorable!