Thursday, March 6, 2008

A Nervous Thursday of Mountains's a slightly uncomfortable afternoon ahead.
I weighed in this morning with a less than thrilling result...down 1/2 lb. Am I really working this hard for a half of a pound? Hopefully next week will be better or I may get discouraged. That seems to always be what happens. Maybe my body is just adjusting to fewer calories and it is going to take a while to jump start weight loss.

So the first mountain I need to conquer this afternoon is Noah's conference at 1:20. Unfortunately, I can pretty much predict how it will go: "Noah is very bright and knows all of the content area for Kindergarten and many first grade sight words... he is still causing frequent disruptions in class and I am concerned about his behavior in First Grade"
Wouldn't be nice to have a pleasant surprise and for once hear "Wow,. Noah is just so quiet and such a great listener I hardly ever know he's there." Dream on!

Since I had the babysitter for the afternoon anyway, I figured I might as well tackle two mountains together (and since all the grandparents are down south, leaving me without back up help hint hint hint) I scheduled my annual for an hour after after the conference. This is usually not that big of a deal other than being just plain yucky, but I do have a few concerns and on top of that, my OBGYN makes me feel guilty about my weight every year. I do not change though because I trust his doctor skills so much and he did save AA's life when he was born.

I go straight from the doctor to teaching all night, including on little boy who spends his entire lesson making it very clear that the only reason he's taking piano is because his band teacher says he has to and he fights with me every time I explain to him that he actually needs to learn how to count if he wants to be a percussionist.

So it is looking to be kind of a stressful day. I think I'll take the kids out for lunch before the sitter gets here, just for a small diversion.

Several of you have tagged me for memes. I am sorry I haven't gotten to them yet...I am trying to blog only when the kids are in bed at night. Bare with me.


MomOf3 said...

Good luck with the conferences! I know they can be stressful. It sounds like you have a very bright child! I am struggling with weight issues at the moment myself. I wish you luck with that!! :)

Debbie Yost said...

Well, at least you're getting it all over in one day. I hope it goes better than you expect!

Jenny said...

I hope your day turns out better than expected! Those weight issues can be tricky, I'm struggling too. It would be a lot easier if food didn't taste so good!

Mimi's Toes said...

At least you are going down, instead of up. Hang in there. I am in the same boat as you girl. Congrats on a Loss!

Magirk said...

Sounds like quite a day. And I'm sorry, but I don't envy you.

Good luck! With ALL of it! :S

Childlife said...

Prayers for you that you survive your day of mountain-climbing! Those are some of the hardest days to endure, and my heart goes out to you - hugs!