Friday, March 14, 2008

Spring? Really?

My apologies, Matt. This one will be a little wordy...I have a story to tell.

I encountered several signs of Spring this morning.

The sun was out this morning and it's supposed to be in the lower 50's. A heat wave! So of course, the half dozen or so spring/fall jackets that were all over the place last September are nowhere to be found. I REFUSE to buy more. Maybe they'll show up as I prepare for our May garage sale.

Aaron and I needed to pick up a few groceries. As we're driving home, Aaron sees the car wash. He really doesn't like them all that much but they're still a novelty. He says, "Mommy, let's do the car wash". I thought that we might as well and I can vacuum it when we get home. So after I run in and buy a code, we proceed to the car wash. About a minute into it, I start hearing car horns very loud. Then I realize that we're not moving. The next second, WERE RAMMING INTO THE TRUCK IN FRONT OF US. At this point, Aaron is in the back, "Mommy, I'm scared" and all I could think was "Me, too." I can't get out because the big round sponge thing is stuck washing my driver's window over and over and the ramming continues. Finally, I decided the only choice was to BACK OUT of the car wash. I didn't know if this would destroy my tires, but I couldn't think of another choice. I was shaking by this time. After checking for any damage on my bumper, I went inside to ask for a refund for the car wash that has now left tons of suds pouring off the roof of the van. When I told her what happened, the manager actually SCOLDED me for backing out of the car wash. What the *&%^& was I supposed to do? I was still shaking and I still needed to find somewhere else to go rinse off the suds that has now dried on the van. I seriously don't think I will ever go in an automated car wash again in my life.

So we came home to eat lunch and it was so gorgeous out that AA wanted to stay out and play for awhile. I grabbed the omnidroid (that's what my Incredibles boys call the Shop Vac) and started vacuuming. While I was working, AA was climbing around in the bushes that are trying to awaken for spring. When I went to look, I was so excited at what I saw:

Yes, indeedy. I, who have killed pretty much any plant I have ever touched, planted bulbs last fall and they are ACTUALLY SPROUTING. I lovingly cleared all the leaves away just to see how many I could find. I don't even remember what I planted but I hope they will turn into something pretty I can post in a few weeks.

So after a terrifying car wash experience, I came home to the ultimate sign of Spring. I don't think I will put AA down for a quiet time today. I think we need to go back out and play.

Happy Friday!


Jen (kksmom) said...

Oh my goodness!! I don't know what I would of done with the car wash either! That would be scarey! Hopefully I don't end up going to the same one since we live in the same town.

I can't believe you have something coming up already!! I wish I could go check by my trees to see if I do, but I really don't feel like walking in the snow to get to it.

Deb - Mom of 3 Girls said...

Yikes! You'll have to tell me which one it was because I desperately need to get the van washed.

I saw a robin this morning on my way to take Becca to daycare! :)

I bought bulbs from a school fund raiser last fall but completely forgot to plant them... Sigh.

What are you guys doing tomorrow? Do you want to get the kids together to play now that none of mine are contagious anymore?

MomOf3 said...

Enjoy your good weather! After this winter you have earned a nice Spring day!!

Anonymous said...

All that saga needs is the ride of the Valkeries in the background! :)

I consider the glaciers on either side of the driveway retreating as a sign of spring.

can't wait for the track to clear!


Mama Zen said...

That would have scared me to death! I find automated car washes a little creepy anyway; now, I have a reason.

I'm glad it didn't destroy your tires!

Jen (kksmom) said...

Just wanted to add... I did walk through the snow and my tulips are starting to come up too!!! WOOHOO!!!

bethn said...

I'm so bummed we moved so late in the summer last year that we won't have any bulbs coming up. We had hundreds at the old house and I'm sure going to miss watching them.

Jenny said...

How wonderful! The signs of spring really bring an extra 'spring' to the step...don't they? I'm terrified because we moved into our beautifully landscaped house in the very late fall and I tend to kill plants just by looking at them. Hopefully I'll have better luck this year! I'm happy to hear that you had a very nice day and took the chance to fully enjoy it!