Thursday, March 6, 2008

Mountain Follow-Up

An interesting day.

The conference was about what I'd expected. Noah's teacher did say in way nohow would she want to have him repeat kindergarten, which was a relief. She also agreed that he would not have done well in a regular class of 24 kids (he has 8). At one point I was so frustrated, I actually started CRYING right in front of the teacher. I hope it was just hormones. How embarrassing! I had a chance to look at his journal and I am glad that we nipped the "girlfriend" thing in the bud. He had actually drawn a picture of them KISSING in his journal and had written "Kylie is Noah's girl" with all words spelled correctly. A few days later, he had drawn a picture of Kylie in jail. He had told the teacher that she wasn't his girl friend anymore. I think they had a lover's spat.

Doctor appt. brought more questions than answers. I knew my weight was bad but I was not prepared to learn that I am 11lbs heavier than I was it my appt last year. That was a bit of an eye opener. After much discussion of current symptoms, I left having relinquished three vials of blood and an ultrasound being scheduled some time in the near future. Hopefully we will have answer soon. I am hoping for the problem being thyroid...I could at least blame the weight gain on that.

The other interesting piece of info that came out of the dr. app. was that my doctor no longer does OB. Apparently he felt he is getting too old to get up in the middle of the night. I guess it's good that my body doesn't want to have any more kids because I can't imagine trying to find a new OB.

Noah has the day off tomorrow because of conferences. I'm not sure what we will do yet but I think we need to do something fun to get my mind off today.

Have a peaceful night.


Summer said...

I have hypo thyroidism, but I'm border line so it hasn't affected me much, although it does get worse in the cold season which seems weird.
I hope the doc gets some answers for you.

Hillary said...

Sorry about your stressful day! I hope you find something fun to do tomorrow to take your mind off of everything.

Deb - Mom of 3 Girls said...

I had the thyroid test done last year and was also hoping for a positive to explain weight gain... No such 'luck' though. I hope you can get some answers!

I slept all day - including right through Hannah's conference at 6pm... Sigh.

Shannon said...

I hate days like that! I really hope that tomorrow is a better day for you. My thoughts are with you!

Magirk said...

I also had a thyroid test recently, which turned out to be questionable. Not doing much about it, consequently.

Hope you're able to find your answers - I know it's frustrating when they aren't available. :(

Hope the day tomorrow is fun!

Anonymous said...

Well, sis, we are going to the expo tomorrow and it will be fun. By Tuesday we will be able to get our hubbies their CPR/First Aid classes and certified as I am taking the Instructor course today and Monday. Hopefully, that will make it so that neither you nor I get those "Honey, what do I do...?" calls anymore. Take a breath and enjoy the day and the sunshine.

Steph said...

Aren't teacher conferences hard??? Glad you made it through, don't feel bad about 11 lbs I had gained 15! I have lost all of the weight but my issue was more to do with depression some we tried some meds found the right one for me and I am back on track. I too hoped it was thyroid related but down deep I think I knew it wasn't but we did the blood test anyway to rule it out. Good luck! Thanks for the tip on reader I think that is where I am going to go. I'll let you know.

KC said...

hope things get less stressful