Friday, March 28, 2008

Things that may be working

The boys both went to sleep with no problems with the new room arrangements last night. The added bonus...AA came down and "flowered" in the potty for the first time on his own at night! He has been fine during the day, but flowering in his pull up after he fell asleep every night. All of a sudden, I'm sure as an excuse to come back downstairs, he came down, went straight to the bathroom, and did his thing. I wonder if this will be his new routine. If so, we will just push bedtime up 15 minutes.

I also think I may have come up with a solution to pokiness on school mornings. I have tried every praise, bribe, and punishment to get Noah to get ready faster in the mornings. I even got a letter from the principal scolding me for Noah's tardiness ALL YEAR. So this morning I tried another tack. I read Magic Treehouse to him at the table while he was eating. It kept him calm and stopped his arguing with me about not wanting to eat. I may be setting up for bad habits later but if it gets us through the mornings getting ready for school between now and the end of May, I'll take it.

I think I have gotten the rest of the "good" candy out of the kitchen so I can jump right back on the band wagon of this weight loss again. I wish I knew where all of the women are getting those cool graphics for their blogs with the little ruler countdowns. I would love to put one of those on my blog to chart it and make myself accountable.

Today is one of those days that you just need to get things done that have been overlooked. Because of house guests, I have pretty much not done any housecleaning, grocery shopping, returning of library books, paying bills, etc. Won't Aaron have a fun day schlepping around with me all day? (poor kid)

Have a great weekend.


Jennifer said...

I have a baby ticker on from but I looked for you and there aren't any other tickers like you're talking a google search for them.
When I want the kids to hurry up and not "jack around" at the table, etc. I sit with them and talk b/c if I'm up around....3 boys at the can imagine the lack of productivity. Anyway, we're about to watch Noah sing...Parker's standing here waiting in his undies!

Thea said...

I'm trying something new in the morning, too. I used to have the kids dressed and beds made before they had breakfast and then send the back upstairs after breakfast to brush their teeth. I moved teeth brushing to before breakfast so once they are downstairs, they are downstairs. I'll start next week and see how it goes.

Try Ticker Factory for your ticker. That's who I've always used and they've got several types of tickers to choose from...

Anonymous said...

Trust me, Aaron is probably so glad he has time with Mommy, he won't mind schlepping around. I was amazed when we made a "Just Me and My Mom" class book this year, and Patrick's picture was of "running errands, just me and my mom".

Enjoy the sunshine today!