Monday, March 31, 2008

Yesterday's post

Wow, the emails came out of the woodworks on that one. Let me first apologize to Noah via the blogosphere. He doesn't deserve that much bad press. I also must apologize to you all who had to read the mindless ramblings of an embarrassed mom. As my mother-in-law pointed out, it really was kind of funny. Steve also had a very good insight to the whole thing: the situation was uncomfortable for everybody while the kids were being rearranged...the entire sanctuary was so quiet you could hear a pin drop...Noah just felt the need to fill the void. It was indeed "precious" The fact that my pastor was smiling when I was in the office this morning reassured me that it really felt like more of a deal to me than anyone else. So I am sorry to all of you. I will refrain from Noah venting for a very long time.

I will, however, show a couple of cute pictures of the event, as well as a few others from the weekend. It actually was a pretty fun weekend.

Here's Noah before the practice, being the teacher and making a "checklist" of everything we would do in choir this morning.

Here the are lined up, in order mind you, ready to perform. Noah is right in front on the left. Isn't he handsome?

Here is the choir performing with their chimes. Noah is on the top right with the red collar.

The boys also got out on their bikes for the first time this year. Aaron was on a little tricycle that was Noah's a few years ago, but his long legs couldn't bend so we put him on Noah's old 10 inch bike with training wheels. He pedaled way better than I ever expected he would. It's going to be a fun summer with these two.

I think I am the only mom who doesn't care to push their almost 6 year old to lose the training wheels. He'll do it when he's ready. Same with tying shoe laces.

We also got out and played soccer and tee ball in the backyard this weekend. I can't believe the changes they make over the winter. Our backyard used to seem big enough to play in. now that the kids are bigger, it seems they play bigger too. We may be spending a lot of time in the field at the park this summer.

We also spent some time with my friend Mary and her three kids, as well as celebrating Deb's Abby's 7th birthday at Playworld. Mary has a brand new baby that Steve held more than anyone else pretty much all weekend. I had left my camera at church, so I will direct you to Deb's site which I know will show pictures from the weekend . She was snapping A LOT of pictures.!!!

Have a great Monday and please return. I promise to be nice from now on.


my wonderful men... said...

Looks like it was a wonderful day to be riding bikes and playing outside.

daisy said...

Hello again!

I just wanted to tell you to check out if you wanted to watch the rest of that show. Or you can click around on there and just watch the parts you missed. It's pretty cool to be able to do that.

Debbie Yost said...

I'm glad you are having a better day. We all have to vent once in a while or we would explode! Noah (and Aaron) is a cutie!

LadyBugCrossing said...

Venting is totally necessary. We moms know that the child who caused the venting is a typical kid. We've all been there... Oh have I!!

Both your boys are adorable!

Deb - Mom of 3 Girls said...

Yikes, now I have to get pictures up, huh!

I started feeling miserable right before Mary left yesterday - sick yet again... I think I need to find out why I can't seem to stay healthy for more than a week or two at a time. :(

Love the pictures of Noah at church and of the boys outside!

Childlife said...

Great photos, Kristi - both your boys are adorable!

Stacey said...

Hi, Kristi...
Stacey from:
Not for Profit,
but for Joy here...
I finally got to come and see,read,post on YOUR blog...
What a beautiful blog, but then you have super cute subjects!
I will have to do some reading and commenting, since you have been so kind over at my site!

Courtney said...

Love the pictures and as far as venting, that is what blog buddies are for. Nobody is casting judgement on you or your sweet Noah and if they are, maybe they shouldn't be reading. I love blogs because I only feel supported not judged. Have a great day.