Monday, June 16, 2008

Lazy Craft Day

So, as you know, I have been doing all kinds of fun concoctions with the boys the last couple of weeks. All last week, I was babysitting my neighbor's two kids and of course, Noah wanted to do yet another creation.

I did not want to deal with the messiness of FOUR kids, especially with one of them being quite a bit younger than the others. So I took the lazy way out.

When your kids are begging to do a craft and you don't feel like doing a lot, you run to the craft cabinet, pull out any miscellaneous craft items you find, pour glue into little cups and give each kid a paint brush.

You could tell that our guests were not used to this kind of activity at home. Bradley, who is five and a half, was a little timid to spread very much stuff on his foam.

When Noah made this beautiful design with sparkles, Bradley was very stressed about how much glitter was coming out.

Aaron actually sat and did a second craft after the first

And even two year old Grace was able to participate in this project without too much guidance (until she eventually poured the entire bowl of noodles all over her that point she was excused from the activity.)

Even though I viewed this project as an easy out, the kids had a blast. It is amazing what a few extra odds and ends around the house can produce when you give them to a kids along with some glue and a paint brush. I have always preferred this kind of gluing over giving the kids glue bottles (which just pour too heavy) or glue sticks (that don't stick to anything).

Wait until the newbies see what's on tap for tomorrow (hee hee hee)...


bethn said...

Hey there, looks like a fun day! You're lucky your boys like crafts.

Tammy said...

I love doing crafts almost as much as the kids. LOL

Chris said...

Looks like a truly fun day... Diva-J likes doing these activities when we can get her to sit still long enough to do them!

Jennifer said... are DEFINITELY the coolest mom EVER!!!! Thanks for the glue painting idea. Parker wanted to do a craft yesterday and I have packed up all our stuff to move so I felt bad....we're going to craft it up soon though.

Deb - Mom of 3 Girls said...

Hmm, I wouldn't call that 'lazy'. Nope, 'lazy' would be me, who hardly ever gets the craft stuff out because I don't want to deal with the mess...

I'm taking notes on all of these ideas for the summer though! :)