Friday, June 20, 2008

Woobies: Good Bye Old Friend

Aaron has had a few bad days. The more we play outside, the more scrapes and bruises he sustains. The poor kid never cries when he gets hurt so sometimes I don't even know when it happens until later.

This past Tuesday, I got Noah a mini skateboard that was on sale for $3 so I thought it would hold him over until he got a real one. So, as I was leaving to go teach, I told our babysitter, "There are band aids on the table if Noah wipes out." She kind of laughed but we both remember last summer when someone got a scrape and I didn't have any band aids (can you imagine...a mom of little boys with no band-aids? The nerve...)

Wednesday morning came and as he was getting dressed, I noticed a band aid on AARON'S elbow. Here he is showing off his battle wounds on elbow and knee.

When I asked him what had happened, of course he had no clue. So I asked Noah and he told me that AARON had wiped out on the skateboard.

Now, fast forward to this afternoon. For a fun surprise, I decided to take the boys to Horton Hears a WHO at the $3.50 theater nearby. As we were coming out, Aaron wiped out, yet again. I think the sandals don't fit right...they're already in the garbage. The same knee that was already icky once again split back open, went deeper than before, and blood was pouring down his leg. Of course no crying from him but many passers by and a big brother started flipping out at the sight of blood. I didn't have anything available except...

Let me give a little background before I finish that sentence.

Three and a half years ago, I gave birth to a little baby boy. Because we are quite visible in our church, we received several gifts from friends. One of which was a gift bag with two really soft blankets. They were called "WOOBIES" and hand made by a friend of mine. At first glance, I thought, "Why do I need more blankets?" and then I read the note she included, about how they get softer when washed, they're bigger than the normal baby blanket, and make great super capes later when they get a little older (which they have).

They came to be the most important thing when we went anywhere. Aaron liked to be swaddled and we continued to do so so until he was past 6 months old. These were the only blankets that were thick enough to contain a growing baby.

We used them to cover the high chair

To lie on the floor

To keep him warm.

As time went on, I even paid her to make two more of them so that Noah could have some as well.

I loved them so much I started giving them as baby gifts...

To Baby Becca (daughter of Deb Mom of 3 Girls). Here I am holding Newborn Becca with the new Woobie wrapped around her while still in the hospital. When Aaron would see Becca with hers, he would try to grab it and suck on it. Abby and Hannah, Becca's big sisters, would panic and grab it back to give to their sister.

and my niece Kira (in the back of the stroller with a Woobie wrapped around her). Although Kira later became very attached to her pink bunnies, I am sure the Woobies are around somewhere in her VERY PINK bedroom.

I don't have any pictures of Baby Ronin with his but I remember they were really cute.

Aaron is a "chewer". He chews on everything. From what Steve's mom has told me, he was too and she always gave him a washcloth to chew.

For Aaron, it has always been about the Woobies. He has never preferred one over the others, but always a Woobie has needed to be in his reach, for three years and running. They have become so nasty and ragged that I even approached the woman who made them a few weeks ago to see if she could devise a full size blanket out of the Woobies to salvage them and get more use out of them.

Even at the puppet show at the library last night he had one hanging out of his mouth

And of course to the movie theater today. (Isn't it neat when a story comes full circle?)

So the end of that sentence way back at the beginning of the post...

The Woobie was the only thing available to stop the bleeding.

Oh so sad. I know we could probably clean it, but I have to say, it was already pretty gross...and now to try to clean out some pretty nasty blood stains on top...EWWW!

So, the sad fate of the first of the Woobies...

It is indeed a sad day.

P.S. It is now about two hours after I wrote this post and I am having second thoughts. It wouldn't hurt to TRY to clean it. Any suggestions? I guess that makes this entire post pointless, but I am going to share it anyway. The Woobies are such an important part of Aaron that I think it is still worth sharing.

P.P.S. three hours later....It came out! I have used the spray Oxy Clean Baby for everything for at least a year now and it actually got it out. The Woobies live on!!!!!


Debbie Yost said...

I don't know. You still have one. He is getting older though so he probably needs to give them up sooner than later. I certainly understand your desire to hold on to it. I think you should run it through the washer and see what happens. I'm guessing the dried in blood has already ruined it.

How's that for a wishy washy answer? I love them though and can see why they have become such a popular gift item for you.

Melissa said...

WASH THAT WOOBIE!!!! I still have my blankie that I received as an infant. Yep, I still sleep with it. My heart was racing reading your post thinking that poor woobie was going in the garbage! haha. See what happens after the wash, but dont tell me if it goes in the garbage :)

Margerie said...

Try pouring peroxide on it, let it foam for 30 minutes and then wash it with bleach. I have 2 boys also. LOL, been there done that.

But if anyone knows how to get a chocolate stain out- let me know! Fudgesicles be darned.

Tammy said...

I'm glad the stain came out. It would be a shame to lose it cuz of a stain.

Whitney said...

Oh, the WOOBIES!!! So sad of a post. Glad to hear that it came out though. And love "The Woobies Live On." Totally true:) Go Woobies!!

bethn said...

I'm so glad the Woobie survived and came clean! Love those Woobies!

Chrissy said...

I was going to suggest hydrogen peroxide, but I saw you found something else that worked. Glad you were able to save it!

Becky said...

Hydrogen peroxide always works well for me for me, as my boys are always getting into scrapes.

Boyhood just wouldn't be right without some scabs and battle scars, lol.

What are the woobie blankets made of?

Deb - Mom of 3 Girls said...

Becca's larger woobie is the one blanket that she needs to have to be covered by at night (on the floor). It's her 'blankie'. :)

I am amazed at how well the stains came out of Aaron's woobie last night - I couldn't see any signs of blood at all! I've got to get some of that OxyClean spray. :)

Chris said...

Long live the woobie!

Courtney said...

How sad and exciting!