Monday, June 30, 2008

Tackle It Tuesday #4 Birthday Preparations

Let me first share what I DID tackle this weekend. ALL of the bedding in the house. Yesterday afternoon after we got home from church, Noah and I stripped all of the beds and took all of the blankets, comforters, etc. to the laundry mat. Noah likes going with me because we walk to the dollar store and he gets to pick out a toy to play with while I am doing laundry. They ALWAYS break before the last comforter is dry but now he has accepted that fact. After all, it's the DOLLAR STORE.

So today's tackle actually started yesterday at the dollar store. Noah will turn six on Friday and his party will be Sunday. The number of kids coming keeps changing but I want to be prepared. I bought all of the tableware for the party while we were there.

Here are the preparations I want to get done this week before the holiday weekend arrives:

1. I am determined to make full meals for my family every night this week because I don't have to teach since the music store is closed. Tonight is Potato casserole. I found it in a kids' Emeril Legasse cookbook.

2. Swimming lessons every morning.

2. I need to finish goody bags for who knows how many kids since the count seems to keep changing

3. I need to make a little snack bags for each of the kids since it will be a at a park and they are going to need a little pick me up after playing (besides just sugary cake)

4. I still need to figure out a game or two for them to do together at the park.

5. I want to put together a bag of activities to keep the kids amused for what seems like hours on Friday night while we wait for the fireworks to start. I can't wait until they are old enough to throw a football back and forth for an hour like we used to.

6. I need to get 100 water balloons filled for Sunday.

7. My house is a mess, mess, mess while I'm trying to get everything else done. Everywhere I look there is more clutter. The lack of storage space in our little house seems more apparent with each passing year.

So these are the tackles for the week. I plan to take it a little at a time and play with the kids a lot since I have to go back to babysitting next week.

What are you tackling today?


MomOf3 said...

My goodness, you had a busy day! I hope everything went like clockwork and you got everything done! My little Prince turned 5 today but we kept things very simple and just had a family birthday party. Happy almost birthday to your almost 6 year old!!!

LaskiGal said...

I'm tackling my monstrosity of an office. I'm in there right now . . . procrastinating. Commenting on blogs instead.

Dinner every night? Ugh. You amaze me . . .

Chris said...

Good luck with all of the preparations for the upcoming BIG day...wish I was around to celebrate! Watch your mailbox though!

LadyBugCrossing said...

#1 and I did Tackle it Monday.
I shoveled out LLB's room in the morning. In the afternoon, #1 and I got his stuff ready for his 3 weeks away, emptied every drawer, cleaned the closet and bookcases out, took all the trash downstairs and the old books to the library, and then we crashed!

Today, I'll do some laundry and dust and vacuum upstairs. I might have to tackle my closet!!

Melissa said...

Gavin's bday is next week. I still have to get to the dollar store to get all the plates, napkins, and all that good stuff. 100 water balloons??? Cant wait to see pics of that!