Monday, June 23, 2008

Weekend Nothingness

Guess what we did this weekend?


Nothing, nothing, nothing, and it felt great!

Friday night I used our stimulus check at BOUGHT DISNEY TICKETS!!!!! YEA!!! I imagine Deb needs to show me how to put on a ticker for next March 15 when we leave. Speaking of Deb, she came over that evening and showed me how to put a button on my sidebar. Please go check out Root and Sprout. (Button on the right) It is an emag that I will be published in the July issue. More about that later.

I took the boys to open swim on Saturday and Noah amazed me. By the end of swimming lessons last year, he was still protesting the diving board and making sure someone was there to catch him. Not only did he get MAD at me for being in the water near him this time, by the time we left, he had me comfortable with him jumping in without me even being in the deep end. Aaron and I were hanging out of on the side (because his elbow had started bleeding again. I told you these wounds were getting nasty). The boys start swimming lessons again next week and I have no worries about Noah at all. Aaron was walking about half way out on the diving board and then turning around. What he doesn't realize is that these swimming teachers (mostly teenagers) have NO MERCY. They will follow them out until they go in, or they will do a little drop. Last year it bothered me, but I see the point of it. He will be fine after the first couple of days.

We took the boys' bikes to church yesterday so Noah could practice some more after church in the parking lot and Aaron wiped out again. Those open wounds broke open even more and I have decided to keep him inside for a few days to let them heal. I don't get squeamish very often but the elbow is looking nasty and I am trying to decided whether I need to break down and get the toe looked at by the pediatrician. The toenail is barely hanging there, but too much to just pull it off. Even in his sleep last night, he was fighting letting me clip it and it is getting red around the edges. I am hoping it is not getting infected.

Yesterday afternoon, we decided to split the boys up and I took Noah grocery shopping and Steve and Aaron were gone for over two hours, just bumming around. It is so good for Steve to go out with just one of them. A few weeks ago he took just Noah swimming and he's still talking about it. We are going to try to do it once a month for each kid. It gives them some individual time with each of us, which is lacking since summer vacation started.

Maybe we didn't do nothing after all.

So another week lies ahead. Some library programs, lots of babysitters, a visit to the kittens, a VERY busy day on Friday with Abby, Hannah, and Becca ALL DAY and then the weekend again. What a life!

How was your weekend?


Deb - Mom of 3 Girls said...

Sounds about like our weekend. Although without the swimming or biking parts. We had a very low-key day on Saturday (which we needed) and yesterday too. :)

Tammy said...

Saturday was a pretty boring day here, but on Sunday we went to church and the church picnic after.

Chris said...

There definitely is nothing wrong with doing nothing! We had a busy weekend, but that is nothing new. Next weekend we will be celebrating our 10th that will be fun! Glad to hear that the tickets are purchased...I truly look forward to seeing the pictures from that trip! The boys should absolutely love Disney! Having quality time with just one has been extremely important with she has made the transition to having Diva-PJ around.... so I hear you on that end!

Debbie Yost said...

Yay on the Root and Sprout button! I'm excited to hear what more you have to say. Isn't it a great magazine. I just love it!

I wish I had done nothing this past weekend. Glad you had a relaxing and fun time.

KC said...

Sounds like a fun and relaxing weekend.. I always do a weekend Recap of my weekends on monday and since I have been doing it now forever it just hit me that I should add a mr linky and make is a meme of shorts just a place where everyone who posted about there weekend can come and link up to go and read what other did on there weekend.. So I think next Monday I'm going to do that.. so you can link you weekend post up there if you wish.