Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Tackle It Tuesday Stuuff Wk. 2

Last night I was up most of the night with an extreme upset stomach and nausea. Never threw up thank goodness, but it is kind of hard to get going this morning. Which is why I feel I do need a list again today of what needs to be done. Otherwise, I may find myself lying on the floor of the living room wallowing.

A. Redo MESP applications for the third time. For some reason the government doesn't seem to want to take our money. They didn't accept an official check, which I thought was the dumbest thing in the world. I would think it would be the most secure form of deposit. So I headed back to the back to deposit them and this time I am going to try to have them take it electronically. These are the days it seems where nothing can be done on paper anymore. Check

B. Back to the library to return the movies we got out last week and get some more. The favorite for this week was "High School Musical 2". So cheesy, but the boys loved jumping up and dancing at each of the songs. I think this would be a fun soundtrack for the car.

C. Sweep and mop the kitchen again. Sweep check, mop...my stomach just doesn't feel up to it. Yes, I know it's an excuse, but I the smell of the cleaner in the bathroom about sent me over the edge, I can't imagine what the floor cleaner would do. I guess I should start contemplating "going green"

D. Swap beds in Aaron's room AGAIN. When we got Aaron a new bed a few months ago, Noah's started making creaking noises. Then, we switched rooms AGAIN to see if Noah could get more sleep (which has worked like a charm) and the creaky bed, along with a creaky frame, because Aaron's, the early riser. So now, he starts at 5:30 in the morning creaking very loudly and we really can't afford a new bed for him right now. So, I am going to reconfigure his bed with the old thin mattress on top of the creaky one and take the frame completely out. It's worth a try. Check

E. Living room needs some attention. We have a previous babysitter retuning again today since my lesson schedule for Tuesday is expanding today (yea!). The house should be at least presentable for her. Check...I had the boys each pick up "ten things" It works like a charm. Nice and concrete for them and I get the bulk of the mess cleaned up.

F. Email my tentative schedule for my performing groups to church. I usually have other people's schedules in my hands when I make this so I know the two hours I spent on it yesterday will probably get thrown out the window, but I am sick of being accused of dropping the ball when I'm not. Check

G. Steve has nothing to give the boys for supper tonight so at some point I need to figure that out too. I should probably get some cat food too. She's driving me nuts. Check...the kids will have chicken and fries and Minnie is a much happier cat now. I am very grateful for a quarter pound of salami that lasts the boys an entire shopping trip if I time it right. It usually means paying for an empty deli bag at checkout but it's better that so many other snacks they could have while shopping.

H. Decide if this bout of nausea and upset stomach are a result of the new hormone meds and decide if I will continue to take them or throw them in the garbage. I would truly prefer the throw them in the garbage route. They've been sitting in the bathroom for three months and I finally gave in three days ago.

I. Play with kids...really should be at the top, don't ya think?

So I guess now, instead of blogging about everything that needs to be done, it's time to get to it. Wish me luck.


Deb - Mom of 3 Girls said...

Wow, good luck on getting the list tackled!

I have yet to watch High School Musical 2 - the girls have seen it at daycare though. One of these days I need to sit down and watch it to see what all of the hoopla is about. :)

I hope your stomach is feeling better soon! I'm waiting to get over this cold - I'm so tired of being sick. Abby woke up this morning with a sore throat - just hoping we can make it through the week so they don't miss any of the last few days of school.

Chris said...

You are going to get more done than I...geez. Good luck at completing everything!

Courtney said...

Good luck tackling that list. I hope your stomach starts feeling better soon and you find out the cause soon!

Melissa said...

I hope your feeling better! I had a stomach bug last Thursday and lasted until Friday, not so pleasant. Good luck on the rest of your tackle!

Karen (Pediascribe) said...

Ugh. I hate nausea. Sometimes I'll just hang my head over the toilet to puke and I end up feeling better for awhile. Gosh, that reminds me of BOTH of my pregnancies!

Try BioKleen green cleaners! Love them. In fact, I'll be having a contest on my blog soon for some!

www.frogparenting.blogspot.com said...

Not only did you make a list and post it, but you even checked stuff off????
WOW! are you AMAZING or what?!

Super Cool !

Jenny said...

I hope you feel better soon!

You have a lot of stuff going on and I'm very impressed with everything that was checked off. Good for you!

my wonderful men... said...

Wow! I'm glad I don't do tackle it tues. I would die. It's wed. did you survive? lol

Tammy said...

You're a busy women! Wow!

KC said...

Good luck with all that needs done, hope your able to tackel it all. I hope your feeling better also.

Margerie said...

Not that I would wish this on anyone- but I had similar symptoms and ended up diagnosed with gall stones. No wonder the pepto-bismol didn't work.

I hope yours was just a good old fashioned tummy ache :)

Good luck with your Work At Home position- I think we all deserve a raise! This overtime will kill ya!