Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Do Not Blog List

Sarah, at Life In the Parsonage did this post a day or two ago that intrigued me. I didn't think too much about it until I picked up Noah from school yesterday. But now I am thinking about it even more. Here's why...

Last year, when I started this blog, it was a way keep in touch with family and friends about our family and also to meet some other moms who could give me advice on some of the many struggles I face.

As Noah's Kindergarten year progressed, he displayed some behaviors that our family struggled with. I found a way to vent my frustration was to blog about it. From my friends and my new blog friends, I would get a ton of support. From my family, a bit less support. But the worst part was that I felt like I was ripping on my poor five year old over the computer and it seemed very unfair to him. So I would invariably always end up pulling the post and deleting it because I felt bad.

The same thing happened a few times when I was frustrated with situations at church or with my family. Each time I would get supportive comments (and usually a lot of them) from my friends across the blogosphere, but then would go back and read the posts and feel guilty and delete them permanently.

These are the reasons that Sarah's post the other day struck a chord with me. After picking Noah up from school yesterday with a less than perfect report, a d Aaron struggling a little with making friends (even though he is an extremely social creature), I wanted to come home and vent on the blog.


This blog was not meant as a tirade against my innocent children. Neither of my children deserve to be shed in a negative light for the world to see. Nor does the world really need to see another example of bad parenting...there is enough of that on the evening news.

The moral of the story...

Sarah suggested on her post a Do NOT Blog List, and I think I would like to establish similar policy. It is more for my own benefit to remember to stay positive at all times and see the the good in situations, rather than the bad.

Here is my DNB List:

A. Noah's school behavior: We will deal with this appropriately as a family, like it should be
B. Aaron's social struggles: see above
C. Church struggles: It seems to be taking away from the worship experience if I am allowed to tirade about it
D. Family and friend frustrations: A large number of important people in my life read this blog and I never want to offend those I love

What's left, you may ask?

My family is fun, loving, quirky, energetic, and sometimes has great fun. So are our friends. There's certainly plenty to blog about. We have adventures every day that are fun to chronicle and share with others.

Have a great Tuesday.


Nicole said...

I hear ya! I have those things too that I do not blog about. One is complaints about my husband. Not that really have of course.:) It's my personal policy not to criticize my husband to anyone. We want to keep all things positive!!

Scarlet O'Kara said...

What a great idea!

Tammy said...

Love the new look of your blog!

Sarah@Life in the Parsonage said...


So beautifully put.

I totally understand the need to vent...we all do :) I think venting (sometimes) is ok, even in blogging, as long as we can do it within those guidelines you established...it doesn't have to be demeaning or even have details :)

Great post bloggy friend!

Melissa said...

I started blogging for my kids- so they could read it when they are older and enjoy the memories. I will never blog about fights with my hubby, negative thoughts about other family members or inlaws, or most personal issues. Not because they dont happen, but because thats now what my blog is about. If other people would like to do it, thats fine, and I am here for support. Do what is best for you and makes you happy!!

Debbie Yost said...

I think this is a great plan. Even if you do decide to blog about something, it's good to try to keep it positive. Sometimes it helps to just have the support or advice of others. However, I have a few unwritten DNBL items as well. I don't really want to alienate people so I try to avoid some of the hot topics!