Sunday, September 14, 2008

Weekend Top Five: 9/14/08

A wet, sticky weekend. What happened to make this weekend memorable...good or bad?

Let me share...

5. Truck Woes

I called Steve to ask him to stop and pick up some "scoops" chips on the way home to go with the taco salad for dinner. About 30 seconds after I got off the phone, he called back to say that his back window had just EXPLODED. As he was driving down the road, it just shattered. He can't see anything that hit it. So after several calls to window places, the estimate to replace it is more than the truck it worth. So for now, my husband will drive his truck around with a duct taped back window. And at some point this week, Steve will be visiting junk yards trying to find a back window that the neighbor can transfer to his truck. We are such icons of class...

We are thankful that the boys weren't in the truck when it happened.

4. Another adventuresome ride in the car

It seems to me that a few weekends ago, our trip to visit my brother and sister in law had one bullet JUST for the travel there. Well, here is a repeat performance but for different reasons.

Long story short...the next time there are FLOOD WARNINGS for an entire travel journey that we have planned, the better choice would probably be to heed the warnings and not travel the roads. Silly us. As we were driving, we would encounter various degrees of lack of visibility due to down pours of rain. Add on top of it, hydroplaning and you would think that would be the worst of the trip.


As we passed the Michigan border into Indiana, we noticed a slow down ahead... Then, cars turning around in the middle of the highway...then a stream of cars driving BACKWARDS toward us on the shoulder. HMM.... Let's turn on AM 530 to hear traffic conditions...

Oh yeah, the entire highway is shut down due to flooding.

So now comes time to do the same 180 in the middle of the highway that three other lanes of cars are also attempting and join the parade on the shoulder, drive off the nearest entrance ramp, and detour south to a different highway.

Notice the WRONG WAY sign we are about to pass as we travel UP the entrance ramp to get OFF the highway.

Then of course, discover that this highway is a toll road and we left the house with NO CASH! So now, it's stop at an ATM at a truck stop to acquire the $1.25 toll necessary to pass.

On the way home about 6 hours later, we were less surprised to see that the highway was still closed but now we knew the detour route and we were not even slightly phased.

3. Birthday Celebrations

Once we finally got there, the kids had fun even though it poured all day and they were stuck inside. My sister in law puts me to shame every year with the cakes she makes.

My nephew Ronin had his 1st Birthday. They have discovered that he has several allergies so Jenny found a gluten free, egg free, cake recipe and it was quite delicious. How cute is this dragon?

Ronin had NO desire to eat the cake whatsoever, so there will be a lack of chocolate all over the face first birthday pictures in his baby book.

The other guest of honor, my niece Kira, turned three. Her cake was just as impressive and I was glad that I got her a crown and wand to go with theme.

She played the part of the princess so well.

2. A Costume party?

Noah started the madness coming into the living room wearing this, complete with the very loud roar. Although most of the kids got into it, there were two little daughters of my brother's friends that got so freaked out that they cried until the costumes went away.

Every few minutes, a different child came down wearing something else...

Kira the kitty cat

Noah in an INFANT lion suit

You truly can't get the full image here. Odin has a beast nose, knight armor on his arm, and a dragon tail.

I guess the daddies were jealous and wanted to join in on the fun...

My brother with the mask inside out...

and my adorable husband with the bunny ears.

Who says we need to wait until Halloween to dress up and act silly?

And after an eventful Saturday, what do you do on a cold, wet Sunday when everyone is tired, grumpy and worn out?

1. Sunday Family Movie Afternoon

Although the humidity has subsided, it was still very wet and cold all day. Stuck inside again! Noah found a movie that had received from a bloggy friend awhile back that we hadn't watched yet. "Joseph Prince of Dreams". Everyone is so far behind in their sleep from the nine hours total in the car yesterday, that we enjoyed lounging around watching the movie together.

I will be interested to hear if anyone else's top five were affected by the weather this weekend as well. And my thoughts and prayers are with all of you who are returning home after Ike's destruction down south.


Momma (a.k.a Jennifer) said...

me oh my....I know the feeling of unwanted & unexpected expenses. We have to get a new AC until this week! YIKES for my checkbook. How fun to see the dressing up pictures though....definitely keep those for future girlfriend visits!

Momma (a.k.a Jennifer) said...

oh the new blog look!

KC said...

1st off let me say how great the blog looks.
WOW that a weekend.. the window and the trip in the flooding doesn't sound like much fun at all but the party looked like a ton of fun.
We had a bit of van trouble this weekend, and did about 8 hours of traveling but not all at once.. it was broke up into a trip to Princess jr high volleyball game which was away, a trip to the Indians game, then morning church, then a trip into your state, then a trip to PM youth group.. lots of driving and GAS PRINCESS went up to $4 over the weekend.. UGH..
Hey if you want too you can link this post up over at the Mr Linky on my weekend Recap post.. Just away for everyone who writes about there weekend to link up and have fun visiting other blogs.
hope you have a wonderful week.

Courtney said...

I can't imagine the damage down south that Ike did because the damage the windstorm (aftermath of Ike) did here last night is something.

Tammy said...

Sorry to hear about the window. My sister had one broken in her car the other day by a bunch of kids throwing rocks.

Deb - Mom of 3 Girls said...

Wow! At least I won't feel like the only 'classy' one out there with a busted window... ;)

Yikes, what a trip you guys had! We just stayed put all weekend, but managed to have some fun in the rain too. :)

Totallyscrappy said...

Costumes and birthdays? FUN, fun, fun!

Anonymous said...

Aww, man! What a bummer about the window! But - we get stuff from junkyards all the time. We are totally ghetto.

Those cakes are so stinkin' cute. I think if I made a cake like that, I wouldn't let anyone eat it. I would shellac it or something.