Friday, September 12, 2008

Photo Story Friday: A Day at the Races

Last Saturday, the boys got to participate in their very first bike race. It was part of a larger racing event in downtown Grand Rapids, Priority Health Cycling Classic.

We heard about it from Big Binder. If you live in West Michigan, I strongly suggest book marking her site.

The races were split into four heats, divided by age.

The boys were provided with free helmets, complete with fitting

even though it was very tough to fit one for Aaron, with his unusually little head (I will have to tell that story someday, I imagine)

The Safe Kids intuitive gave away 300 free helmets for the race.

The biggest draw for the event for the boys was the opportunity to ride their bikes in the street. While we were waiting, (we got there an hour early to register) the real riding event was in progress as racers were riding the loop going close to 40MPH and the kids were riding around in the street behind us (it was blocked off)

They sent the kids in four groups a minute apart. The first three groups rode the entire loop (1.9 Kilometers) and the last group (Aaron's) was trikes and training wheels and they just went 150 meters with parents walking alongside.

They sent off the first group (7-9 year olds) and then lined up Noah's group (5-7 years)

Noah is in blue in the middle. He didn't want to put his free green tee shirt on, for which I was glad because it was easier to find him in the crowd.

And then he was off...

After the last "real" group was sent, then came the little ones. The funniest part was waiting at the finish line for them to cross. It was almost all DADS walking alongside the little ones, some of them carrying bikes while the kids were walking. But we cheered loudly as Aaron and Daddy came down the final stretch. From what I understand a camera followed Aaron for a little while filming him riding. I wonder what will come of that?

And here are our two bikers when the race was over

Noah is already asking when he can be in another bike race. Maybe he's found his niche...


Courtney said...

They look like they had a lot of fun!

Melissa said...

How neat! Looks like so much fun.

Jennifer, Snapshot said...

How cute!

Kristi--you won the Veggies tales DVD contest at 5 Minutes for Mom. Either respond to my email or here with your name and address.

Jen@BigBinder said...

I'm so glad you guys had fun!! We had a blast too. I have just been reading your feed and haven't been to your actual site in a while, it looks great!!


KC said...

OH how much fun for them.

Totallyscrappy said...

I love seeing their great big smiles on their bikes!

Tammy said...

That looks like a blast and it's great they got free helmets and they were fitted properly for them. :o)