Thursday, May 29, 2008

Birthday Thoughts and Parade Photos

Today is my birthday. I am 35. Not really a big deal, just thought I would mention it. I don't really celebrate all that much. The boys will go to Grandma and Grandpa's tonight and Steve and I are hoping to go to the new Indiana Jones movie. When I was little, for something like five years in a row, we had tornado warnings on my birthday. We used to think it was rather odd. They are calling for a slight risk of severe weather...possibly tornadoes. I hope nothing dangerous happens anywhere, but it would be kind of funny if we did have something happen around here.

As usual, my friend Deb has figured a way to make me special. She just always knows what to do. She did a very special post for me today. She posted a TON of pictures of us that I haven't seen in over ten years. What a fun post. I hope you go visit her today to see some pictures of us in our younger days. Thanks, Deb

I never shared any of the pictures from the parade on Monday. My sister runs a preschool about a half hour north of here and we were invited to be part of her Memorial Day parade float. I had never been in a parade before. She had a CD running with different songs and each song had different props to go along.

We got there kind of early so there was a LONG time of waiting before we started.

During which the boys and their cousins needed to inspect the candy buckets.

During "Hot, Hot, Hot", Noah joined the class in throwing leis to parade attendees. They kept trying to throw the leis, but the wind kept throwing them back, so finally they started walking up to people and handing them to them.

Most of the children wanted to walk some of the time and ride some of the time. I must admit, it seemed that we were moving pretty fast most of the time. Poor Aaron didn't want to sit in the float, but couldn't keep up, at which point Daddy scooped him up and he got to ride in style.


Of course guess who the only one who got sun burned was ?

Have a happy Friday. I will report any interesting birthday tidbits if they occur.


Chris said...

Looks like fun though you got sunburned! I didn't know your sister had a daycare up north... Happy early birthday! You should never say that a b-day is not a big deal... I always say that b-days are definitely a big deal as they say that you are still a contributing member of the world... make the most of it!

Debbie Yost said...

Happy Birthday (early)! We say the Indiana Jones movie and I enjoyed it. It is over the top at times and a little cheesy, but it was fun. I loved the 1st and 3rd ones. I didn't like Temple of Doom, too gross for me.

Jenny said...

Happy Birthday!

I hope you have a wonderful day tomorrow and that you were able to enjoy your evening tonight without any severe weather!

And btw, there is nothing unattractive about that picture! You're way to hard on yourself :-)

Laski said...

Awe!!! Early Happy B-Day wishes on their way!!!

Hope you eat lots of popcorn and enjoy the film!!!

I hear 35 is the new 25 :)

Shannon @ Gabi's World said...

Happy Birthday! Mine is next week, but I'll be 37. I love parades! I am sure it is a memorable experience for you and your kids.

Summer said...

Happy happy Birthday!!

Melissa said...

Have a great Birthday Kristi!!

Courtney said...

Happy Birthday!!! I hope the weather holds out for you and you have a great day! I am going to check out Deb's post now and btw, that sunburn looks painful!

Anonymous said...

A very happy birthday to you!! And I agree with Chris, birthdays are super special!!

Hopefully you can escape the bad weather. It's supposed to hit hear late tonight but they say that it will have calmed down a bit by the time it gets here.

Deb - Mom of 3 Girls said...

You're welcome! It was a lot of fun to put together (twice even, since I lost my first attempt).

I love how the tie-dyed shirts turned out and the picture of Noah with the leis and sunglasses on is awesome!

I hope your sunburn is feeling better by now. :(

Hope you have a wonderful day and a great 'date' night out tonight! :)

Tammy said...

I just read Deb's post, I think it's great that you guys have been friends for so long. Happy Birthday!

Jen@BigBinder said...

Happy birthday!! 35, pish posh, you're still a baby :)

Chrissy said...

Happy Birthday and enjoy your night out!

bethn said...

Happy Birthday my friend! I loved all of the pictures on Deb's site. I remember some of those days. I never realized that you were only 6 months older than me. I'm glad you and Steve get to go out tonight. Enjoy the movie. Mark's going to go to it tonight. I'm not such a big fan so I'll stay home. We've had too many sitters lately anyways. I'm thinking of you today. said...

Happy Birthday!

sunburn or no sunburn I like your face-- I really like how your eyebrows are shaped-- I wish mine looked as nice!

Older is better-- just think of all the things you have learned this year!
I hear exercising your brain is good to slow the aging process!

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Whitney said...


KC said...

Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday to you
Happy birthday
Dear Kristi
Happy Birthday to you
and Many More!!!!!!!!

WOW now your my age :) WEll I guess I"m 6 months older but we are both 35 for the next 6 months anyways LOL..

Hope you have a wonderful time with your hubby tonight.

Childlife said...

Happy Birthday Kristi! I loved hearing about you and Deb's history together - you're quite the dynamic duo! ;)