Thursday, May 15, 2008


I warned some family and friends that my Friday post would have self defense pictures in it. I didn't lie.

Tonight was Noah's fourth class out of 8 for Self Defense. As you may remember from a past post, I have been sad that I couldn't see him in action. So tonight was Parent's night and I rearranged my teaching schedule for Thursdays so I could be there. I was extremely impressed with Noah's behavior (It is so nice to say that for once).

He paid attention extremely well all the way through class.

Last week was the first week they started "sparring". We were required to get him a cup for protection. This was quite an ordeal in our household as neither my husband nor I knew how he should wear it. Either way, Noah voiced his discomfort VERY LOUDLY and announced after class that he wasn't ever going to "scar" again. So after talking to my brother, I bought him some support undies for class tonight.

He was quite happy to show off his full protective gear for the camera, complete with mouthguard.

Then at class, during the sparring, I learned what real sparring they actually do. NO CONTACT. It was the funniest thing. Look how cute and small he looks.

Noah just kept hopping around in a circle. Once in awhile, the instructor encouraged him to try something that he actually learned in class. Try to watch this without giggling...let me know how you did. He's the shorter one.

Aaron was itching to try on the protective gear all night, and finally when we weren't looking....

At the end of class, the instructor gave them the form for testing for a yellow belt in a few weeks and also told them that they were all qualified for an advancement "free" just this one time. He gave them each a yellow stripe to wrap around their white belt. Noah was very proud.

So I was so happy to finally be able to see what the class was all about and I can stop grilling Steve each Thursday when they get home. I am sure I will post more after the first test in June. I don't know if he will keep going with it or not, but he sure looks adorable and seems to be learning a lot.

Happy Friday.


Melissa said...

Yea for Noah!! You must be so proud. Good luck for his test in June!!

Steph said...

My son was in Karate then suddenly lost interest I think he was just a bit to old at 3 hopefully he will get back into it. Have a great weekend.

Deb - Mom of 3 Girls said...

Wow, he looks so 'official' in all of that gear - how cute! :) I'm so glad that you finally got a chance to go.

Courtney said...

He looks so cute and "cool" in his gear. Are the kids in his class older or is he just that small?

my wonderful men... said...

You must be so proud, sounds like it is going really well.

Keep us posted.

Have a great weekend!

bethn said...

How cute he was. I'm surprised he didn't get dizzy going around in circles like that. I'm glad it's going well and he's enjoying it.

Tammy said...

He look so cute in his karate outfit!

Stacey said...

So .... letting these really active boys engage in karate is a good thing...???

Maybe I'll look into this....
Shane's teacher just mentioned it on Thursday, maybe this is a God thing and I MUST start Shane in karate~

hummm... something to think about!

Chris said...

I love this and love seeing Noah hopping around trying out his "moves" on this air... looks like you found something that works for him... keep it up!

Anonymous said...

Cute cute cute. Congratulations to him