Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Thursday thirteen...yet MORE St. Louis

Are you sick of St. Louis pictures/stories yet? Too Bad! LOL

I promise you the week is almost over and will return our regular program soon.

But...not...yet! hee hee hee

Here it is...Thirteen of my favorite moments from our trip to St. Louis

1. Minnie must have known we were leaving. She wouldn't get out of the suitcase the entire night before we left.

2. My attempt at an artsy picture of the boys under the arch. You can't even see the boys but I guarantee you that when I zoomed in, they look very cute.

3. I didn't realize how under water St. Louis has been until we got along the waterfront. We couldn't find a parking space to see the arch and a carriage driver said that the entire lower level (which we thought was the river) actually was a parking lot.

4. More was so hard to pick a favorite goat picture.
I think this could be an award winner because you can just hear Aaron's laughter.

5. I loved this picture the moment I took it at the St. Louis Zoo.
It looks like the fish is swimming right up to Noah's nose.

6. At the Magic House (Children's Museum), they had a electromagnetic thing (I'm sure Matt knows the real name) that was supposed to make your hair stand straight up.
It didn't quite work for me but it is one of the only pictures we have of me from the whole trip. Let this be a lesson... NEVER pose for sideways pictures when you're over-weight.

7. Steve asked me why I loved this picture so much.
It is just classic Odin and Noah running around the arch and just being free.
They just look SO joyful.

8. I liked this picture because it tells the story of Noah and his gift shop fetish.
Everywhere we went, he wanted to know when we were going to the gift shop to get a souvenir. Noah picked out a transformer bug at the St. Louis Zoo and Aaron picked out a pink monkey.

9. Yes, Mommy did actually go down the big bowl slide once. I was scared.
It actually is more like a free fall for a fraction of a second.
Steve kept throwing mini-fits because he couldn't get the camera to take good action shots.
Noah is to the left of me and Aaron is on the right.

10. I got very few pictures of my boys together.
This was in the dinosaur exhibit at the St. Louis Zoo.

11. The kids loved the pool and hot tub.
Left to right: Aaron, Odin, Noah, Kira

12. As I've said before, Steve is a dedicated Barbershop singer.
The St. Louis Chorus, Ambassadors Of Harmony, rehearses on Thursday nights.
It contains many International Champions singers so Steve thought it would be fun to go.
He stayed well past midnight. I guess these are all pretty famous barbershoppers.
He could give more details. Steve is in the middle.

13. Finally, after 10 hours and four stops, we were ten minutes from home.
I wanted Steve to take a picture of the boys sleeping and he said he wouldn't because it was too dark. So I grabbed the camera, while driving, and took some backward shots over my shoulder without looking.
On the second try, I actually got BOTH boys sleeping in the same picture.

Thanks for sharing my trip with me.
It has been fun reliving our vacation.
Noah wanted to stay away for "135 days".

I told him that if we stayed away that long, it wouldn't be vacation, it would be LIFE.


LadyBugCrossing said...

Those are awesome pictures!!!

Anonymous said...

You guys got so many great pictures! I love that one with Noah and the fish, too...

Anonymous said...

Hey Sis-

You were right, I do know what that is...

It is calleda a VanDeGraf generator. It stores a charge that is discharged when you make a connection between the ball where the electrons are sitting (or static). The charge is referred toas an electorstatic charge; the shock yuou feel is milliions and millions of electorns traveling thourgh you to the ground.

Courtney said...

Very nice pictures! Taylor always picks some obsurd number of days to stay away for too. Must be a kid thing.

How's the yelling going? Day one?

Stacey said...

Great minds think alike...?

I am going to post some pic's of my kiddo's sleeping in our new truck!

Sounds like your memories of this trip are AWESOME!

Jenny said...

Great pictures! Thank you so much for sharing your trip with us, it looks like such a great time!

And I LOVE the pic of the boys sleeping...too cute!

Whitney said...

Love the picture of the boys sleeping. I am so glad that you had a good time...

Becky L said...

Love pictures!
Thanks for stopping by my blog!

Tammy said...

Some of the pictures aren't showing up. I think blogger is acting up though because it's happening on some other blogs too.

Chrissy said...

Love these pictures! 4 and 5 are definitely my faves!