Thursday, May 22, 2008

So Sad

I know you have all read as many posts today about the tragedy in the family of Steven Curtis Chapman. I feel the need to add one more. It was a shock this morning, and even more so as I learned more of the details. It is just so sad.

As it has been on my mind all day, I feel I must share the feelings it has brought to mind. This will not be the most upbeat post, but I need to write.

First of all, Maria was the same age as Noah is now. The family was celebrating SO MANY special events in this short time when it had to be clouded by tragedy; a wedding, a birthday, a graduation. It puts the thought into my mind about how fragile our lives really are. One minute I could be getting frustrated at a boy for peeing on the other but the next minute they could be gone. Steven Curtis Chapman has given us so much through his music, and now to have had his family struck so hard makes me wonder again about the faithfulness of our God.

I don't doubt it...just brought to wonder about the testing of faith. I actually spent some time thinking about Job today. How God picked the one person whom he knew could resist and put him to the test. It's not the way I like to think about someone who tests us to see how well we will stick with Him. I am quite sure that the Chapman family has stayed strong to their faith and that is most certainly what will bring them through.

But I wonder...would I be that strong? I'm not so sure but you can be sure I have been praying about it all day and will continue for quite some time in the future. I found myself scared to pursue our Disney trip planning today because I am scared of any tragedies that could happen between now and then.

But what does that say about my faith if something that happened to someone so far away is raising questions?

So guess what brought me back to reality? Believe it or not, the music of Stephen Curtis Chapman. As I was coming home from teaching, "His Eyes" came on the radio. I found myself tearing up on the drive and came home and announced to my husband that he will be singing that song on Sunday for special music in church. As I sat down playing through the book of his greatest hits, I was just struck by the lyrics of the songs, with the current situation in mind. It was really eye opening. I don't know that I have REALLY studied the words of all the song sbefore; "Hiding Place ", "His Strength Is Perfect (this video made me cry)" most recently "Cinderella" ( an interview about "Cinderella"), to name a few that got me going.

Music is such a powerful thing. It has a way of getting under the skin like nothing else.

So Sunday, while Steve (and hopefully Chris) are singing "His Eyes", the words will become even more poignant than ever before and I will be thinking more closely about how dear my family is to me and how I need to cherish EVERY moment I have with them. They are a gift on LOAN from God, until it's time to return home.

If anyone would like, to, and hasn't already, here is the website set up for condolences to the Chapman family.

I would love to hear other thoughts that came to people's minds as they learned about this today and I hope you will all pray for the family for healing.


Jenny said...

This is a lovely post, Kristi.

It is so sad and I was absolutely stunned when I heard the news. Such tragedy is so difficult to comprehend and I'm thankful that the Chapman's are so strong in their faith. You're absolutely correct, their faith will bring them through!

Courtney said...

This is such a sad tragedy. I left condolences for the family and I pray that God will wrap his arms around his son because I cannot even imagine what that child is going through right now.

Tammy said...

What a horrible tragedy for that family to have to go through. With the help of their faith and the prayers of others I'm sure they will be alright. My thoughts and prayers and with them and their family.

jennifer said...

I was so sad to hear this news. It was definitely a reminder about the fleetingness of life, about the need for safety in driveways, about the need to hold my children close each day, as if it's the last. My prayers go out to the family.

Chris said...

Thank you for the opportunity to sing again with Steve... I think it went over well! My thoughts and prayers go out to Steven Curtis Chapman and his fanily in this sad time.