Saturday, May 10, 2008

Hydrangea Novelette

Oh are SOOOO in for more hydrangea DRAMA. (hee hee hee)

So, I "treated" my hydrangea, (that was actually starting to grow pretty nicely) to a special diet of plant food. I also gave it a little extra love through the means of actually watering it.

This is how it thanked me...


So, I was still trying to decide whether to pull it or not. People seem to agree that I watered or fertilized too much and it still has hope. So I was going to leave it. Others DARED to suggest that it was protesting me forcing my loyal readers to put up with St. Louis posts all week. (LOL)

Then today happened.

For history, I will sum up by saying my mother and I DO NOT have a mother-daughter relationship and probably never will. It is a trust issue that will not be resolved and I am okay with that. However, she tries to pretend that there is a relationship there once in a while and shows up at our house to see the boys. So that is what she did today. Along with her, she brought a little cherry tree for Aaron (she had given an apple blossom to Noah several years ago) A very nice gesture.

So now I have:
A. A cute little tree that needs a home
B. A hydrangea that doesn't seem to want to grow high enough to cover the drain pipe sticking out of the front of my house
C. A DECISION to be made.

Pretty simple...Pull the hydrangea...

and replace it with the little tree.

Now, I have a hydrangea that I have blogged about and we ALL seem to have a little piece of hope for the little guy (yes, it must be boy since everything else in this house is) Aaron still wanted to water it sitting on the front lawn.

So I say to my husband, "We HAVE to plant this has too much invested in it."

So he and my mom decided that it can go in next to the steps. I fight this because I don't like it when it is not uniform on both sides. So my mom says, "We want to go to Flowerland anyway, why don't we go get you another hydrangea to put on the other side." So I pull $20 from our garage sale money (see future posts) and send them off to the store to get another one.

They come home toting TWO hydrangea plants. UGGGHHHH!

Now, I have two beautiful hydrangeas to plant in the front yard. It will be nice and uniform around the front steps. Wonderful, right?

Can you even see the little purple on the two sides?

What about my poor little injured guy in the first place?
Steve decided to plant it next to my lilacs on the other side of the house.

Maybe life next to plants that are actually GROWING will be a motivator for the little guy.

Who would have thought that one could write so much about a little bit of yard work. I must say though, this has been kind of a fun entry to write. loyal readers. you will now be subjected to Hydrangea, Chapter II
"After the Transplant"
Aren't you relieved the story goes on?


Tammy said...

It looks like the frost got it. You can just cut the dead leaves off of it and it should be planted in partial shade.

Happy Mother's Day! :o)

Debbie Yost said...

Yay! I'm glad you found a new home for him. I would have been sad if we didn't get to hear more about him. It sounds like you have an interesting day!

bethn said...

Well now you have 3 hydrangea's to take care of. I hope they all do great for you.

Anonymous said...

What happens next, what happens next??

Chrissy said...

The little hydrangea that could. I'm rootin' for you little guy! Maybe he'll appreciate the change in scenery?!

Deb - Mom of 3 Girls said...

Having actually been there during most of the events of this post, I just have to say that I'm really rooting for the little guy. I'm glad Steve found somewhere to plant him and I hope all 3 hydrangeas do well. I think I'm going to have to buy myself a few of them, if I don't spend all of our garage sale proceeds driving to Detroit this week.

Kila said...

I think all the rearranging turned out nice! Hopefully they all have long, green lives :) I have no advice for you on that.

Child Life said...

Oh, poor little hydrangea! Hope it has a quick recovery -- tee hee! :D (I'm just as bad with plants - LOL!)

LaskiGal said...

Go little Hydrangea, go!!! You can do it!!! I'm alway rootin' for the underdog!!!

Show mama what you got!!!

Happy Mother's Day!

Courtney said...

Sorry I blamed you for the hydrangea dying in protest to your posts. The two by your steps are beautiful and I'm sure Aaron will love his tree.

Stacey said...

LOL... I think that these posts all about a hydrangea ~ just shows how much of a caring mommy you really are!

Grow hydrangea grow!

daisy said...

Too funny! I love reading about your adventures in hydrangea-land. You are so me.

Margerie said...

LOL that now you have three. I think that's how I ended up with three kids myself. You know because two is no more trouble than one and three is no more trouble than two....

Best of luck to your oldest Hydrangea and I love the new tree!

Missy said...

I had 2 hydrangeas last summer - one died, one is doing great! I read somewhere that they shouldn't get too much late day sun - which the one that died got a LOT of late day sun, especially here in sunny, hot S.C. The hydrangea in the back of the house does NOT get the late day sun, and is growing BEAUTIFULLY!