Friday, July 25, 2008

Photo Story Friday: Mud

I love being the mother of boys. I know many girls love to get dirty and some boys do not.


I do believe that the norm is to enjoy getting icky, squishy, ooey, gooey.

And my boys are absolutely no exception.

All summer, I have sent the boys outside in the afternoon to play. And often, they come back ten minutes later saying they're bored, or they are fighting so hard that I end having to bring them in.

Which is why yesterday's "festivities" were allowed to continue further than I would have otherwise allowed.

We had a wonderful little pool this summer. The boys have loved jumping into it, putting the slide in it, and any other creative outlet to play in the water.

Until they discovered our neighbors' above ground pool and started going there instead. Now the pool no longer holds the interest it did a month ago. So, it has been sitting in our backyard collecting rain water, periodically getting dumped each time Steve mows the lawn.

The boys, however, have discovered a new use.

The water is a WONDERFUL resource to make MUD.

Apparently, the best place for this mud is a hole under the swing. The hole seems to be growing, allowing for the making of even more mud.

This mud apparently feels like a "blanket" to Aaron and the boys can't seem to get enough.

And when the mud gets to the right consistency, apparently you can make a VOLCANO by placing a tire pump into the swamp and pumping water, making the "lava" fly everywhere!

After awhile, the mud that has been flown travels to the neighbor's driveway. At that time, Aaron has devised a way to clean it up while still having fun with the squishy balls we made a few weeks ago.

It's not very surprising that now the boys are BEGGING to go outside.


Anonymous said...

Now that's creative. Where on earth did they get the idea for the bike pump?

Courtney said...

Love the bike pump idea. You may have some genius' on your hands.

Scarlet O'Kara said...

Those photos make me giggle and thank the Good Lord that I have my girls...who both hate to be dirty.

Tammy said...

Aidan thinks mud is the greatest too! LOL

Deb - Mom of 3 Girls said...

Wow, now after seeing the photos - I am even more impressed at how clean Noah's shoes were today! :) said...

boys and dirt and water and mud--

the added bike pump--
that's "awesome"

Good thing you took pictures-- you might be able to use them in the future!

Becky said...

What's a boyhood without a little mud and bugs in the mix?

Although it sounds like your boys (with the clever introduction of the bike pump) may have a future on MYTHBUSTERS, Junior Edition, lol.