Thursday, July 3, 2008

Thursday Thirteen #5 Noah's Turning Six

Noah will be six tomorrow. It is only fitting that the T13 pictures should be his first five birthday celebrations. It is very likely that next week's will be about this years' festivities.

He came into the world at 4:33 AM, 14 days early and thrilling mommy that he was born on the 4th of July. Notice the shirt Daddy is wearing. He had it on to go to the July 3rd fireworks when we were diverted to the hospital instead.

He looked so cute in his red white and blue hat that was knitted for him by hospital volunteers

He had the usual mess with this first birthday cake

His 2nd birthday part stayed pretty low key with a kiddie pool and a kiddie slide keeping the kiddies amused for a long time.

And of course waiting for fireworks at night

Noah's 3rd year was all about Thomas The Tank Engine

And again waiting for fireworks at night.

I have always loved this picture of the boys. I'm not sure why.

Noah's 4th year was all about superheroes, especially the Incredibles. I must say I outdid myself that year. Instead of goody bags, I made super capes and masks for all of the kids.

Noah is the "Nike" boy in the middle

Mr. Incredible even came to the parade that year.

Last year, we finally decided that we had outgrown our yard for the party. The kids were all getting bigger and our group growing larger so we did the party at a local park instead.

I filled water balloons for a toss contest

And somehow we even ended up with an impromptu story time

And then a relaxing time at the fireworks with Abby and Hannah (and Aaron of course)

This year will be the first year that we will do his party AFTER the 4th so I have fallen behind in the planning,. I still have three days to figure it out.


sandierpastures said...

Happy birthday!

Chris said...

Ah Noah, another year older, which means that I too am older (unfortunately). I hope that your birthday is truly one you will remember for a long time to come. I wish I could be there to celebrate it with you, Aaron and mommy and daddy!

Kristi...I love the pictures! I remember that hospital pict...I think we were there sometime near when that pict was taken. Anyway... good luck with the planning, and I look forward to seeing the pictures from the BIG Day!

Bellezza said...

Don't the days go quickly? Before you know it he'll be 17 like my son. I wish we could do age 6 all over again...

Janet said...

Happy Birthday Noah! He looks SO much like this little boy I took a picture off on a cruise a couple years ago...funny!

Courtney said...

Happy birthday sweet Noah. I cannot believe the resemblence (sp?) between him and Aaron. Wow! I hope you all enjoy your day and the party that is to come.

Margerie said...

Happy Birthday Noah!

One of my boys turns 7 in a couple of weeks. I am, by request, planning an army party with no weapons (my requirement) LOL. I think we will do camo and search and rescue.

The lives of boys- you need a camera to keep up with them!

Wishing your family a wonderful holiday and birthday weekend!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Noah!!

Tammy said...

What's the theme of his party this year?

Deb - Mom of 3 Girls said...

I recognize a lot of those! :)